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You’ve seen fashion hauls.

You’ve heard of beauty hauls.

Well, here comes a massive snack haul!

College and dorm living can be tough, but one of the biggest challenges a student faces is finding healthy, yet convenient, snacks. Fear not, the Her Campus team has your back. You might as well bring this list to the grocery store with you, because these are the tastiest, student approved, snacks that the market has to offer. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the latest and greatest:


TruWomen Protein Bars
Okay, these bad boys (or ladies?) really take the cake, literally. These protein bars taste so much like the dessert they are mimicking that I almost feel guilty… like I am cheating the health gods.

Hu Chocolate
Of course, nothing can compare to the real deal. If you don’t have a chocolate stash in your room, I suggest you start stocking up before exams roll around. You’ll thank us later.

IQ Bar
I’m not sure whether these bars actually improve your cognitive functioning, but I’ll take all the help I can get! These bars are so yummy that I’d eat them regardless, so perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining.
Powdered Peanut Butter
This stuff is amazing in shakes! Add a scoop to your otherwise gross protein shake for the ultimate low key lecture snack.
Crispy Green
It’s fruit, but in crispy chip form. I think I’ve said enough with that alone. They’re fantastic and the epitome of 21st century food technology.

NuttZo Bold BiteZ
These little guys are so yummy and satisfying. There are four flavors all together, and 2 of them are vegan friendly! On a slighter weirder note, they also have a really good mouth-feel. Make of that what you will. 


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