Disney Days

While all of my friends are taking notes, studying, and sitting through long (sometimes boring) classes, I’m spending my Fall semester in Florida.


How? Why? Where? What?

All viable questions. Let me answer them for you!

Let’s start with the what: The Disney College Program.

As a proud Disney freak, the Disney College Program (or DCP for short) was basically a dream come true. I applied. I did an online interview and a phone interview, and I got the job. Pretty cool, right?

That brings us to how: the application process and the cost.

It’s really easy to apply. You do it online! The website is: http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/default/ . Applications are live right now for next year’s program, so if any of what I’m saying interests you, make sure you apply!

So you do the application, and if they like you, you get an email saying they want you to do an online interview. If they like your online interview, they set up a time for you to do a phone interview. Then if the person who interviews you likes you, you’ve got the gig! They’ll email you your official offer by the end of the application period. All of the dates are on the website.

When you get accepted, it costs some money, I won’t lie to you and say it doesn’t. You have to pay an initial fee for the program (this pays for housing events and your first week’s rent, I think it was $200-$300). Plus, you have to get yourself to Florida (or California if you do the Disneyland program!). My dad drove me down, but a lot of people fly and get a taxi or shuttle to the apartment complexes. Or if you’ve got a car and you want to make the drive, go for it. There’s also the auto train as an option.

And then we’ve got the where: where do you live? Where do you work?

I live in one of the 4 DCP sponsored apartment complexes. The cost of rent is deducted from your paycheck each week. My rent is $102 because I live in a four person apartment. The more people, the less rent you pay. I always have enough money left over in my paycheck to survive though, so don’t worry about it! There are buses that take you from the apartment complexes to all of the work locations so you don’t really have to worry about driving anywhere! You also have the option of living “off campus” and finding your own housing.

I work merchandise at Epcot. One of my roommates is custodial at Magic Kingdom and the other two are quick service (which is like fast food service, not the sit down restaurants) at Magic Kingdom. But you can work at any of the four main parks, the two water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Downtown Disney, or one of the resorts on property. Plus, you can pick up shifts in your job area anywhere on property. I mainly work at Epcot, but I’ve had shifts at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Downtown Disney.

And now we have why: why should I apply?

Because it’s an amazing experience! I’ve made friends from all over the world doing this program. I get to work at Disney World, and you get to go to the parks for free on your off days. It’s a paid internship. And after you’ve done the Disney College Program, there are options for furthering your career with Disney through professional internships and management internships in all kinds of fields. Plus, having “Disney” on your resume is definitely not a bad thing.

So while it starts to get cold in Connecticut, think about how warm it is down here in Florida, and how awesome it would be to work at Disney World (or Disneyland), and then take a chance and apply!

If you have any questions about the Disney College Program, or you just want to hear more about my experiences in the Sunshine State, feel free to shoot me an email!

[email protected]

(The picture is of my sister and I at Magic Kingdom when she came to visit me!)