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Did #BachelorNation Approve of Nick’s Choice?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

The highly anticipated Bachelor season finale premiered Monday night, leaving us shocked, anxious and for some, just downright upset. Of course, social media didn’t let us down with the commentary. Here are some of the thoughts Bachelor Nation expressed during the finale.


Based on the previous week’s episode, Raven was clearly the fan favorite and everyone predicted that she would win. Nick choosing Vanessa was something no one saw coming. 


…Not even parents could have predicted the result.     


For some, it was plain and simple…


Other fans weren’t as shocked about Nick’s choice… déjà vu?


But whatever, we know who the true winner is… 


And we’re sure that Raven knows too.


Nick will be back soon enough. 


For some fans, the real evidence that Nick and Vanessa wouldn’t last came during After the Final Rose, where they were publicly seen as a couple for the first time. 


Anyway, the main thing we should take away from all of this is:

What did you think of The Bachelor season finale? Are you happy with Nick’s choice? Tweet us your opinion here, @UConnHC!



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