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Throughout the year, my music taste will change. However, in the summer, there is one kind of music I will always turn to, and that’s country music. As soon as the weather gets warmer, my windows will be rolled down and country music will be turned all the way up. There is something about the summer that makes you want to listen to a whole Luke Combs album. As someone with a 13-hour country playlist, I want to introduce you to some artists to get your own playlist started.

1. Morgan Wallen

Just about everyone knows who Morgan Wallen is. He is a staple country artist and is popular for a reason. His most popular songs include “Last Night,” “7 Summers,” and “Everything I Love.” But there is much more to his discography. Some underrated songs by him are “One Thing At A Time,” “Gone Girl,” and “Me To Me.” And keep your eyes peeled, in the next few weeks he is releasing a new song with Post Malone.

2. Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a must-listen. He has his popular songs “Fast Car,” “One Number Away,” and “Beautiful Crazy.” He can span from upbeat to loving to longing, all in one album. There is a deep range that is given by Luke Combs that sets him apart from the other artists. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, I would recommend “1, 2 Many,” “When It Rains It Pours,” and “The Kind of Love We Make.” 

3. Lainey Wilson

Women in country historically don’t get enough love. However, Lainey Wilson has been taking the genre by storm. She was recently on tour with Luke Combs and Cody Johnson and will be on tour herself in the next few weeks. Her top three listens are “Heart Like A Truck,” “Dirty Looks,” and her feature on “Save Me” by Jelly Roll.

4. Old Dominion

I say this at least once a week, I would sell my soul to see Old Dominion perform. They are good if you are looking for a band to listen to rather than a solo artist. A song that always keeps me in a good mood is “Memory Lane” or my favorite song “Said Nobody.” The majority of their songs are very upbeat and are perfect for rolled-down windows. Another song for you to fall in love with is “Hotel Key.” They will always be my go-to band over the summer.

I hope that these few artists will begin your country music journey. They are some of the artists that I first heard of and ones that I have grown to love over the years. If you begin to listen to at least one of these artists, I will know I succeeded. Enjoy your country-filled summer!

Delaney is a sophomore communications major from Massachusetts. In her spare time, she likes to do graphic design or binge watch the latest tv show. She wants to do social media marketing in her future and believes Her Campus is a great stepping stone. When not at Her Campus, you can find her at dance or hanging with friends.