Colton Haynes Tops Last Year's Halloween Costume

Colton Haynes is at it again, winning every award any person should receive for Halloween costume creativity.  If you don't know who Colton Haynes is, you might recognize him as Jackson Whittemore from MTV's hit show Teen Wolf, or as Roy Harper (Arsenal) from The CW's Arrow.

Colton Haynes is a very attractive human being.


He supports good causes.

He's a huge goofball.

His #TBT pics make me feel better about myself and give me hope.

And of course, the camera loves him.

Even stronger than his Instagram game, is his Halloween game.  His creative and elaborate Halloween costumes have even been compared to those of supermodel Heidi Klum, and this year's is no exception.

This is Colton last year, as Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek for Halloween 2014.

Yes, that's really him.

On October 23, Haynes posted a photo of him as Princess Fiona (or as he liked to call her, "Fifi") boasting that he was excited to beat last year's costume with something even more outrageous.

Well, he succeeded.  This Halloween Haynes switched from Princess Fiona's movie to Princess Ariel's.  

Captioned: "Poor unfortunate souls #Ursula"

Not sure why the nip-slip is necessary, but would you love the costume less if it were gone?  Probably. 

Haynes with 'Arrow' co-star, Emily Bett Rickards.

When he's not hot, he's funny.  Is life ever fair?  

This year's costume already has fans wondering just how wacky and incredible next year's costume will be.  Jack Skellington move over; there's a new Halloween king in town. 

Keep on doing you Colton, your fans love it.