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Coachella is known for being a music festival where people express their style in different ways. Usually, Coachella fashion is full of bohemian, florals, crochet, and unlike clothes you would see on the street. There is no limit for this festival fashion which is why I always look forward to seeing outfits that celebrities come up with.

One celebrity that went above and beyond for this year’s Coachella is YouTuber and fashion icon, Emma Chamberlain. She styled a metallic printed romper with a red fanny pack, big sunglasses, and black combat boots. The big sunglasses are very trendy for this spring season and were accessorized by many at Coachella this year. This outfit received a 10/10 from me because not only was it unique, but it looks comfortable and lightweight enough for a long day of singing and dancing at Coachella. 

However, not all celebrities took the opportunity to go all out for Coachella. Hailey Bieber and close friends, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, decided to incorporate their daily, street-style into their outfits at the Los Angeles festival. They wore casual, ribbed tank tops with either jeans or casual pants. Although I think they could have put more effort into their outfits this year, their outfits were comfortable and chill which matches their day-day vibes. Also, I think that since these A-list celebrities are constantly wearing elaborate outfits for runways and red-carpets, they wanted to take the chance to dress however they felt comfortable.

To completely contrast the Jenners and Hailey Bieber’s casual outfits, Vanessa Hudgens showed up to Coachella in a glittery, mesh, dress overtop a black cutout bodysuit. I love how Vanessa took the occasion to wear something she wouldn’t normally wear, but also something lightweight that she could stay cool in throughout the humid, California day. I also liked the fact that Vanessa wore her hair natural and curly, because the festival is all about expressing your individuality and your fashion taste.

I’ve been discussing a lot of Coachella attendees’ outfits, but I also want to bring attention to a very special performer’s outfit which is definitely my favorite outfit of the whole festival. This performer is Harry Styles. He wore a glittery, rainbow jumpsuit that made him shine on the Coachella stage. The jumpsuit was sleeveless and had a deep v-neck which utilized his tattoos as an accessory. This outfit matches Harry Styles flamboyant style perfectly and was a great choice for his performance at Coachella.

The main theme I have noticed for this year’s Coachella is comfortability which is completely necessary for the long hours of standing, dancing, singing, and socializing in the crowds of people. All in all, no matter what celebrities wear at popular festivals like Coachella, it is important to dress in whatever you feel comfortable and confident in because that is what you will feel the best in.

Shaina Julis

U Conn '25

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