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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Like many young women around the world, I am awaiting the latest season of Bridgerton, Netflix’s period piece romance/drama about the Bridgerton children. For the past three years, viewers including myself have become enamored with the likable (and let’s admit attractive) characters finding their true loves. This storyline being paired with an early 19th century England backdrop makes this a show you can easily become obsessed with. Now, promo is coming out for the third season, which is being released on May 16, 2024, and the hype is back. So, let’s break down what is known about the season and theories about what will happen.

This season will focus on the romance of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. Colin is the brother in the Bridgerton family who enjoys traveling and writing while Penelope is a wallflower and often ignored, leading to her write an anonymous gossip column under the name Lady Whistledown. Colin and Penelope have grown up around each other as Penelope is the best friend of Colin’s spunky sister, Eloise. However, as time goes on they begin to develop feelings, helping each other grow more confident in themselves. Many are most excited for this storyline as this couple has the most chemistry in the Julia Quinn books the show is based on and the actors Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton are also great friends making the chemistry easy for them.

Secondly, with the promo we have gotten there is some insight into what may be going down this season. For one, Penelope will begin to blossom into herself and this will be reflected in her style. In the show, Penelope’s mother and sisters constantly bring her down and underestimate her. This control they hold over her is reflected in the fact that she wears the atrocious neon yellow and green colors of the family. This marks her as still under her family’s thumb and doing what they want to keep appearances. However, in the promo for the third season, we see Penelope break out of this with her wearing a gorgeous teal dress and another shot of her in a light pink dress. These dresses not only break from the family color to show personal growth, but also look made to fit her while the dresses her mother picked out for her never looked correctly tailored. There is a visual reflection of Penelope stepping into her own in the promos alone. Next, two new actors, Daniel Francis and Sam Phillips, were hired as potential love interests Marcus Anderson and Lord Debling, showing potential tension for Penelope and Colin. This would create an interesting dynamic with Penelope having other suitors and Colin having to prove himself. These are the only details that have been revealed through the promo thus far.

I know I, like millions of people, will be tuning in in May for the latest installment and romance of Bridgerton. There is sure to be drama and romance along with the gossip of Lady Whistledown. The romance this season is the most awaited, making this season likely to immediately be the most popular. The snippets of promo support this with amazing cinematography, stunning costumes, and evident drama already.

Sophia is a freshman at the University of Connecticut studying Communication. She loves reading romance books, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, her two dogs, and listening to music.