The Best Red Carpet Looks of 2018

If we’re being honest with ourselves, award shows can be downright boring. They last for three hours often with bad puns and speeches that go on for too long, but still we tune in with wine, popcorn and friends to watch celebrities get handed awards. The real reason we do this, for most of us, is an excuse to see the stars walk the red carpet and judge their outfits from the comfort of our own homes. With the 90th Academy Awards finally airing on Sunday night marking the official end of award season, here is a compilation of the best red carpet looks this year.

Viola Davis at the Golden Globes

She made the choice to rock her natural hair and owned the red carpet. Donning an afro was completely unexpected and she proved how gorgeous she and all other African American look without trying to hide their natural hair style.

Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes

She was another woman that managed to make a statement among a sea of black. Her short cropped hair made it so that all the focus was on her dress. It’s sheerness and sexy cutouts were the perfect ways to further protest gender inequality showing how the freedom to reveal as little or as much of their body is their choice.

Yara Shahidi at the SAG Awards

Even with a tame color like black and minimal jewelry, she stood out amongst the other attendees. She pulled off not a dress, but a form-fitting pantsuit with an elegant train flowing behind her. It was simple, comfortable and distinctly different.

Millie Bobby Brown at the SAG Awards 

She traded fancy heels and sore feet by the end of the night for a pair of converse and a pink dress that fit her perfectly. The shoes and her fun buns made the look unique and exactly what you’d expect from the funny and adorable 14-year-old.

Julia Michaels at the Grammys

Her lavender dress complimented the many tattoos lining her right arm and looked effortlessly elegant in its simplicity. The low back and deep V neckline made it that much more fun, which was fitting among the other outrageous outfits typically seen at the Grammy’s.

Hailee Steinfeld at the Grammys

It’s hard to believe that blue eyeshadow and purple metallic knee-high boots could pair well together but she pulled it off. The bold coupling fit right in with the risk-taking trends of the Grammys and transformed her simple white strapless dress into a way more exciting look.

Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars

Could there be a list of award show fashion without some mention of Jennifer Lawrence? She looked a lot like the statuettes being awarded even though she was not an nominee this time around. She rocked a look unlike any of her previous ones of beachy waves and a gold metallic gown that had her giving off serious goddess vibes.

Gina Rodriguez at the Oscars

She took advantage of the fact that the Oscars are one of the few occasions where going all out is expected. Her understated and chic ponytail served to draw even more attention to her gown’s plunging neckline and head-to-toe sparkles. Everything about the look was beyond flattering.

Allison Janney at the Oscars

Seeing her in a beautiful red gown and sleek updo made it hard to believe she is the same woman playing the much gruffer LaVona Harding in I, Tonya. She looked incredible in a gown that fit her like a glove accepting her award for Best Supporting Actress.

Taraji P. Henson at the Oscars

The Empire actress pulled off a revealing and sexy custom Vera Wang dress. With a slit up to her thigh and her bold purple lipstick, she oozed confidence walking down the red carpet. Though she was only there to present, her look will definitely be memorable. 

Now we can all wait patiently, or realistically impatiently, for the next round of award shows and a whole new batch of dresses to fawn over and wish we oursleves could wear for a night.

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