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Best Parts of Going Home for Winter Break

Okay, so we all know you’re struggling through studying for the mass amounts of finals and projects you have coming up for finals week.  The future seems bleak, like there is no way out of the torture that is studying for finals.  However, there is greener grass on the other side – or, hopefully maybe some snowy grass.  There are so many things to look forward to during winter break.

No more work!

FINALLY.  Free from constantly checking HuskyCT and seeing 11 notifications pop up.  It’s a beautiful feeling to know you can sit on Netflix for hours and you aren’t avoiding all your responsibilities – because you don’t have any! And even if you did have to take a class over winter break, it’s probably your only focus, as opposed to having to juggle 6 classes all at once.  Cherish the freedom; you’ll appreciate it later on. 


Catching up with friends

Everyone is finally home for the long break.  We get to see all of our friends that didn’t get a break or didn’t get the chance to come home for Thanksgiving.  You can all exchange finals horror stories and funny weekend stories that you can only share with your closest friends. 

Making money

At this point, most of us are probably getting pretty broke from ordering Dominoes and DP Dough during the stressful nights studying or weekend nights watching movies in the dorm with friends.  The four-week break gives us a chance to add some money to the bank and do it all over again during spring semester.

Family time

It’s the holiday season and many of us are lucky enough to get to spend time sitting around the living room with all of our family.  This is the time of year that everyone comes home to celebrate.  As college students, we start to realize how important time spent with family is.  We really do miss everyone, even if we act like they’re the most annoying people ever. 

The Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, there is plenty in store for everyone.  Christmas and holiday time puts everyone in a good mood.  There just seems to be an overall happy feeling.  We look forward to the New Year, setting new expectations for ourselves – go to the gym everyday, eat healthier, make new friends, focus on schoolwork.  Let’s just try to make these resolutions last longer than two weeks.     

Happy Holidays collegiettes!


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