Best Halloween Duo Ideas on a Budget

Halloweekend is just around the corner and this sometimes involves three costume ideas. Dressing up all weekend is fun, but on a college girl budget, may seem out of reach. What you may not know is there are costumes right in your closet. Here are some easy costume ideas to try with your best friend that you already own.


SpongeBob and Patrick

All this costume requires is a pink and yellow shirt and green and brown shorts. To really get the look, get creative with the bottoms and add your own twist to it. Nothing says best friends like SpongeBob and Patrick.


Zenon and Nebula

Yeah, I just threw it back to 1999. This is a super easy costume to do with your friend. Just throw together literally anything mismatching to get an “out of this world” look.


Serena and Blair

You can go for this famous TV duo’s Upper East Side fashion with a nice dress and heels or rock the hallways with a chic schoolgirl look. Don’t forget the pearls and headband.


Wayne’s World

Flannel. Jeans. Converse. That’s usually what I wear to class. This is easy and comfortable and who doesn’t love Wayne and Garth?


Ballet Dancer Emoji

All this costume really needs is a black leotard, tights, and a headband. And if you don’t own a leotard, a black shirt and a black pair of shorts work just as well!

Be sure to raid your closet for a super cute, easy, and CHEAP costume that you and your best friend can rock this Halloween.