Best Disney Channel Movies

As Disney+ just recently came out, I think it's only fair to jolt your memory of some of Disney Channel's most iconic movies. Typing all of them out feels like transporting back to childhood, and I hope some of these movies can spark some recognition and happiness in you as well.


1.  Twitches

This movie is about twin sisters Alexandra and Camryn reuniting at age 21 and using their magical powers to save their kingdom from darkness. When I was younger, Twitches terrified me. I remember I had a nightmare about one of the spells they concocted and I vowed never to watch the movie again. However, looking back at it, I think this movie was my favorite Disney Channel one of all time. Tia and Tamara are awesome actresses, the movie showed the power of teamwork and female empowerment, and I think anything with fantasy and witches is incredible. I can't wait to watch it again, and by now, hopefully with no nightmares!


2. Cheetah Girls

If you've never watched anything Cheetah Girls, the series is about 4 teenage girls who tried to create their own pop group: the Cheetah Girls. They sang, they danced, and they had some of the best outfits back in the early 2000s. I honestly can still dance and jam out to some of the songs from these movies. The movies preached about sisterhood, hard work, and living life to the fullest!


3. Princess Protection Program

This movie followed a princess (Demi Lovato) who was relocated to a rural Wisconsin town for protection after her kingdom was threatened. I love this movie because even though both girls were so different, they learned to accept those differences and became best friends. It was a really cute movie about the power of friendship and acceptance.


4. Every Wizards of Waverly Place Movie

Every Wizards movie was jam packed and full of spells, adventure, drama, and comedy. I still remember that iconic scene of Alex and Justin battling each other to this day. The movies definitely serve of great examples of family ties and the importance of your loved ones.


5. Camp Rock


I remember Camp Rock had it all: the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, awesome outfits, catchy music, and fun dances. I still remember a bunch of songs to this day. It also had the perfect combination of drama, friendship, growth, and music. I can't believe it's been 10 years since the movie came out!

Overall, here's my top 5 list for Disney Channel movies. Writing them down made me have flashbacks to my childhood and how big a presence Disney Channel had on my entertainment as a kid. I hope anyone with Disney+ enjoys, and anyone who read this found a movie that sparked a bit of happiness in them!




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