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For many people Halloween is the holiday of all holidays. It’s that time of the year where you dress up as your favorite character, monster, animal, etc., you buy (or spend hours making) all of the costume pieces, test out various makeup looks before getting the right one, and go to every costume store looking for the perfect wig. Now you may be surprised, but celebrities are no exception for this madness.  Here are some of the best Halloween costumes celebrities have done:

1. Gigi Hadid 

As if Gigi Hadid couldn’t be anymore perfect, she absolutely killed this Sandy from Grease look last Halloween. From the voluminous curly hair to the red stilletos, you would think the character was made for her.


2. Iggy Azalea

Yes, this is actually Iggy Azalea.  Iggy was constantly judged for looking like one of the characters from White Chicks, so she took it upon herself to make fun of the situation and dressed as the character for Halloween of 2014. The look was spot on, and she definitely had the last word.


3. Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum is the QUEEN of epic Halloween costumes and last Halloween was no exception. Klum dressed as the character Jessica Rabbit, and without a doubt, pulled the look off perfectly. Bow down.


4. Neil Patrick Harris (and family)


Neil Patrick Harris and his family always have the cutest group costumes each Halloween. I couldn’t pick just one as my favorite so I had to show multiple.  Family goals.


5. Keke Palmer 

Keke Palmer’s 2015 Halloween tribute to the late singer Aaliyah was on point. From the costume to the poses, Palmer fully embodied the Princess of R&B.


While we may not have all of the resources celebrities do for Halloween costumes, they surely give us some amazing inspiration for re-creating costumes they have done, or even dressing up as one of them!



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Sade is currently a senior at UConn, and is enrolled as a Human Development and Family Studies major. Sade enjoys binge-watching youtube videos, doing her makeup, and people who get her name right the first time meeting her (shah-day). Sade hopes to go into early education, preferably into teaching at a head start or birth-to-three center.