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A Beginner’s Guide To Manifesting Your Goals Into Reality

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

So, I know what some of you may think: “Manifestation isn’t real, things just happen to us randomly and without control.” If you don’t understand manifestation or have never even heard of it before, it’s centered around the idea that the more we can speak things into existence, the more they will become a reality. We may not always get exactly what we want all the time, but taking the time to try and manifest our desires can help us to have a more positive outlook on life. Who knows, perhaps you can end up with some unexpected surprises that may come your way eventually. In my own life, I see changes when I decide to look at things from a different perspective. Based on my experiences, here’s a quick guide discussing different ways everyone can start their manifestation journey when stuck on where to begin.

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Positive Affirmations

We’ve all been there. It’s been a stressful school week; we wake up, look in the mirror and just think, “Ugh, I look so disheveled today,” criticizing how we look and being way too harsh on ourselves. If we want to have a better outlook on life and bring positive energy forthrightly into our lives, then it must start not with how we view others but with how we view ourselves. If we can’t love ourselves, how should we love others? Positive affirmations are a great way to begin a manifestation journey, especially if the goal is to be happier and more content with the days in and out of life. To try and manifest the good in your own life, every time you look in the mirror, take the time to repeat a simple affirmation to yourself, such as “I love myself,” “You are beautiful,” or simply just, “Today is going to be a great day.” At first, it may sound silly, and you may be embarrassed to do it, especially in front of a roommate. But trust me, the more you can become comfortable with saying these words, the more you will believe in what you tell yourself. The results? The higher likely the chances your day will actually be good and what you manifested it to be. Even if the day ends up having a bump in the road, the constant reassurance you will have in yourself will help push you forward to tackle new problems. Check out the video below to listen to some affirmations on the way to work or class to test it out for yourselves.

You are beautiful and worthy of happiness.

Vision Boards

For all you Pinterest girls out there making boards of your future NYC apartment (ahem me), this one’s for you. Vision boards are something that I feel everyone has heard of in some way shape or form. Putting a collage of inspiring photos from different sources of media together can be a fun way to manifest the person you want to become and set aspirations for your future self. Taking the time to selectively choose photos that correspond to the dreams you hope to accomplish later on in life may just be the simple thing you need to put your goals into perspective and align yourself to stay on track to one day be able to try and achieve what’s on the vision board. After the vision board is made, whether it be digital or a physical board, taking the time to look at those pictures, even as much as a couple of times a week, can motivate you to push forward through the tough times, staying positive as much as you can, to seek and manifest those seemingly far fetched pictures into the reality of your dreams! So go out there, ladies, open Pinterest or get some old magazines and start manifesting the life that you want for yourselves. 


When we are having a bad day or just need to let out a good old-fashioned rant off our backs, journaling can be one of the ways that many of us find an escape to let go of our feelings and let all our emotions out. Although some people may not consider journaling as a form of manifestation, how we perceive the world and the format we communicate in may translate over to how our lives are running at the moment. Yes, letting our emotions out in journal entries is useful and a healthy way to move forward from hardships we face in our lives. But what we may not realize is that if we end our entries on the wrong note, we may just be opening up and reflecting back to us the opposite effect. Rather than ending on a hopeful note for the following days, we leave the entry still feeling sad and unmotivated, which could bring forth that negative energy from the previous horrible days into the following weeks, constantly keeping ourselves in that dark state of mind for a longer period of time because we remind ourselves of the horrible experiences. Instead, next time you leave yourself an entry for the day, try to go at it more on a good note towards the end so that even if one day was horrible, the next might be completely different. Maybe when you were able to try the find the good in the bad, a joyful surprise is waiting for you and you weren’t even expecting it to truly come to fruition. If not, don’t get discouraged go out and keep a lighter mind frame.

Tomorrow is a new beginning. Leave all the negativity behind and start anew.

Even though these different forms of manifestation are simple, they may be the ones that can take some of you to a peaceful state of mind. Hopefully, after reading this, some of you will try one of these exercises out of your own. Try to see for yourselves if you can detect the possible changes that may have occurred in your life. Tomorrow is always another day to try again and make our dreams come into existence.

Leann is a Junior at the University of Connecticut studying English and Political Science with a minor in Crime and Justice. She enjoys writing about pop culture, music, and wellness. Leann is currently a part of the policy team at the State of Rhode Island General Assembly Internship Program In her spare time, she loves reading, writing poems, and using any excuse to wear fun makeup looks.