Back-to-School Amazon Essentials

For those of you heading back to school this fall, whether you'll be in a dorm, apartment, or living at home, we want to make sure you’re ready to start the semester off with a bang. Looking to stock your back-to-school arsenal with the creme de la creme? Or, maybe you’re like me and just need another excuse to go internet shopping. EITHER WAY, here is a roundup article of all the tried and true products that will have you ready to rock the new semester in style. 


Stack of goal specific teas! Feeling tired? Wanna engage your metabolism? Need to calm down? Yeah...there’s a tea for that.

A pair of noise-cancelling earbuds! Perfect for concerts, soft spoken professors in large lecture halls, and blocking out your always considerate roommates. 

This lovely booty savior. (Seriously, your butt will thank you later.)

A foldable duffle bag to toss all your things in, like the organized packer you are!

Your new favorite eyeliner. What!? Winged liner is TOUGH, this tool isn’t’s smart! 

A fabulous, neat little carry-on to hold your cute new eyeliner and other makeup products.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for some more monthly-favorites round-up articles. We spend all our money shopping so you don't have to!