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The Bachelor Recap: Season 24 Episode 8

Warning: before reading prepare yourself for Peter to show you how crazy he really is.


Date Number 1: Hannah Ann

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

First up for hometowns is Hannah Ann in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Peter and Hannah Ann start their date off with some ax throwing, Hannah Ann’s way to build a “tough man” out of Peter before he meets her dad, Ranger Rick. Ax throwing goes smoothly, Peter even manages to hit a bullseye… go, Peter. After Peter becomes a man, he gives Hannah Ann a “Things I Love About You!” list, similar to the one she made for him a week back. Proud of you Peter, for showing us some true feelings.

They head over to Hannah Ann’s house where Peter meets her mom, dad, sister, and brother. Right off the bat, it’s obvious Hannah Ann’s dad is NOT having it. I mean to be fair his 23-year-old, basically just out of college daughter, is chasing around a 28-year-old man on The Bachelor, what decent father would be okay with this? 

Hannah Ann disappears off with her sister Haley to gossip about Peter and she shows Haley the list Peter gave her. This brings the waterworks from Haley who can’t get over how “nice” Peter is. Stop crying sister, he’s not that nice he’s still dating three other girls.

In the meantime, Rick and Peter talk and let me tell you if I was Peter I would’ve been crying by the end of this talk. No matter how hard Rick tried, he couldn’t hide his hatred for Peter. At one point Peter tries to ease Rick’s mind, by telling Rick how Hannah Ann told Peter that she loves him and how he is planning on saying I love you back. I’m not sure if Peter thought this would make Rick happy or what, but it didn’t. The anger was just seeping out of Rick’s pores after hearing this. Rick warns Peter that he better not tell Hannah Ann he loves her “unless it’s the real deal”. Good for you Rick, show him who’s boss. 

Well right after the date he goes and tells Hannah Ann how much he loves her. Definitely a mistake Peter. Her dad basically just told you not to say it to her unless you’re choosing her in the end.

One down, three girls to go and our not so levelheaded Peter has already told one girl he loves them. 

Date Number 2: Kelsey

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Up next is Kelsey in California… oh, wait did I say California I meant Iowa. Peter and Kelsey’s date consisted of them making wine? In Iowa? Who even knew there were wineries in Iowa? They stomped on some grapes and then went inside the winery where Kelsey drank up and professed her love for Peter and he didn’t say it back.

They move on from this rather awkward moment and go to Kelsey’s house where Peter meets her two sisters, step-dad, and her mom. 

At dinner, Peter tries Crab Rangoon for the first time, one of Kelsey’s favorites and something Peter had never heard of until meeting her. But on a serious note do you live under a rock Peter? This isn’t some fancy food, it’s Chinese takeout. 

Afterward, Kelsey and her sisters leave to go talk about Peter and he is left with Kelsey’s mom and step-dad. Kelsey’s mom tells Peter point-blank, “Don’t break my girl’s heart” and Peter nods in what we can only hope is agreement. In the meantime, Kelsey cries to her sisters over her relationship with Peter and how strong they are because of how much they have had to “overcome together”.

Before he leaves Peter tells Kelsey “his heart is definitely falling”. Watch out Peter; that’s two out of four girls and you only have three roses!


Date Number 3: Madison

Location: Auburn, Alabama


Third on the list is Auburn, Alabama home to Madison’s alma mater and number one obsession, Auburn University (Madison’s dad coaches basketball there so she was basically raised at Auburn University). Their date involves Madison beating Peter on the court and a friendly video threat to Peter from Charles Barkley on the Jumbotron. Poor Peter, no matter where he goes there’s always someone there to threaten him.

They head over to Madison’s house for dinner and Peter meets Madison’s mom, dad, and two sisters. At dinner Madison gets the “special plate” a tradition where everyone must say something nice about the person with the “special plate” (aw, how sweet!). Now we see where Madison gets her angelic innocence from.

After dinner Madison and her mom, Tonya, talk while Peter and her dad, Chad, talk outside. Rather than the typical “he’s so amazing” talks that the rest of the girls had with their family members, Tonya and Madison’s is different. Tonya hints at the fact that she doesn’t know if Peter is right because Madison has “very specific faith decisions”. We know what you mean Tonya, no sex until marriage! Oh, and no Madison hasn’t told Peter about this yet.

Peter tells Chad he is “falling in love with her” (Madison) and Chad straight-up asks Peter if Madison is the one. Just get to the point, Peter. Eventually, Peter says “I just can’t give you an answer right now, and I’m sorry about that”. Chad makes it clear to Madison that he doesn’t think Peter is the one. 

Peter leaves without telling Madison he loves her, which is fine for Madison because bringing Peter home really brought up some feelings for her. In her confessional Madison says she thought she was going to tell Peter she loved him tonight but now she’s not sure they’re meant to be. Meanwhile, Peter says in his confessional that he is “falling head over heels in love” with Madison. That makes three out of four I love you’s for Peter! 

Anyhoo… these two left the date definitely not being on the same page. 


Date Number 4: Victoria F.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Last but certainly… I mean unfortunately… not least, Virginia Beach with Victoria. Every episode I hope he sends Victoria home and every episode it doesn’t happen, Peter lives for the drama with this one. We all knew Peter was in for trouble with Victoria after their first date when Peter found out that Victoria had briefly dated Chase Rice, their private concert performer. Can you say awkward? Ever since then I just want to fast forward when she comes on. From their constant fights and her constant tears, it’s painful to watch and this episode was no different. 

The date starts off smoothly, shocking for these two. They take some old fashioned photos on the BoardWalk, bring Victoria’s dog to the beach for ice cream, and then Victoria surprises Peter with a Hunter Hayes concert. Victoria claims “she can see it with Peter” which is ironic since all she ever does is yell at him and cry but whatever.

After the concert, Peter sees a girl he “dated years ago” and goes over to say hi. The girl, Melissa, warns Peter about Victoria by saying “be careful”. Melissa explains how she and Victoria used to be friends but now there’s bad blood and “there have been many relationships broken up because of her”. The crazy part is Peter didn’t even seem shocked over the news, just disappointed. 

But finally, the truth is out. Send her home, Peter. 

Rightfully so, Peter is upset over what Melissa said to him, and Victoria can tell something’s wrong. So, before going into Victoria’s house to meet her family, they sit down to talk. 

Peter brings up what Melissa said and right away Victoria gets defensive saying she “has never broken up a relationship” and how could Peter do this before going into her house… Only someone who’s guilty acts this way, Peter! Why don’t you see it! They fight some more and as expected, Victoria starts crying and walks away claiming “she’s done”. 

Peter chases after her and he holds her saying “deserves to be loved”, then he proceeds to get in the SUV, and leave. Yup, that’s right he didn’t even meet her family. 

The next day, there’s a knock on Peter’s hotel door, and of course… there she is. She sits down, tells Peter she’s falling in love with him, and that she is trying so hard in their relationship. Peter apologizes and of course, she leaves in tears. 

Victoria, this is not love. Peter, please don’t believe her. 


Rose Ceremony:

Finally, the rose ceremony. 

Chris Harrison is there to greet the ladies at an airplane hanger in Los Angeles. We get it Peter, you’re a pilot. 

Peter gives out the three roses; the first to Hannah Ann, the second to Madison, and much to our dismay the third rose to Victoria F. 

Once again, Peter chooses crazy over sane and sends Kelsey home. 

I guess Peter believed Victoria’s speech.