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“When I’m Back In Chicago”: 6 Recommendations For Summer In the City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

I am sure with the popularity of the song “End of Beginning” by Djo, you’ve seen videos of Chicago on your social media feed. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I have my personal favorite spots in the city. In this article I’ll be sharing some of my current favorite places in the city and other places I plan on visiting this summer. There are three delicious food spots (sorry there is no recommendation for deep-dish pizza, I’m not a fan) and three fun activity ideas. 

1. Dinner at Nonnina

For a more formal dinner, Nonnina is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. I have been here with friends and every time it has been fantastic; the rigatoni is my favorite. The patio area is so pretty and has a great atmosphere, especially at night. 

2. make a charm necklace at beadniks

At Beadniks you can make your own charm necklace or bracelet. I have not been here, but I am planning on going with friends this summer to make matching jewelry. They also have permanent jewelry options. Overall, there are lots of cute finds in the shop.

3. grab coffee at Goddess and the baker

If you need to stop for a coffee or snack, Goddes and the Baker is the place. They have tasty regular coffees, matcha, and chai along with fun drinks like a pistachio black raspberry cream cold brew. There are multiple locations in the city, but the one on Wacker is the best because it is near all the bridges over the river. 

4. spend the day at the art institute

I grew up going on field trips to several museums, but one trip in high school made me realize that The Art Institute was one of my favorite places in the city. As a Chicago native, I also will say it’s better than the Met. The museum has so much to see. Additionally, it is in one of the most beautiful areas in the city by the lake. It’s definitely worth spending the day there. 

5. try boba at Joy Yee

This restaurant is located in Chinatown and I highly recommend taking the water taxi down there. If you find yourself in the northern suburbs there is also a location in Evanston. There are a multitude of boba options; if you’re indecisive, you may need help choosing. They also have great family-sized portions so you can split food with friends.

6. Walk through the green city market

There is so much to do in the Lincoln Park area, but the market is a great option. It’s open every Wednesday and Saturday. There is fresh produce, flowers, and tasty food. Anything you would want on a sunny summer day is at the Green City Market. 

Chicago can definitely get overlooked compared to other cities, but there are so many amazing places to go especially, in the summer. If you have a trip coming up or are now inspired to plan one, try adding a few of these recommendations to your itinerary!

My name is Caroline Lufitz and I am a student at UConn. I am a political science major.