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All Housing Is Not Equal: 2015 Edition

Once again, it is time to choose housing for next semester! Housing at UConn provides every type of style for every type of student – but, your choice depends on what you rank to be your biggest priority.

If you’re looking to study hard next year:

  • Choose Alumni: Alumni provides the Women in Math, Science and Engineering learning community, as well as close proximity to Homer Babbidge. Don’t want to commit to a trip to the lib? The study lounges in Alumni are spacious and cozy!

  • Choose South: South offers suites with a common living space, and some spacious singles, giving a more quiet space while still on campus.

  • Choose Oaks on the Square: The Oaks have celeb status on the Storrs campus. The location provides a close walking distance to Dog Lane Café, the music library, and Starbucks if you’d like to take your studying out of your apartment.

The Oaks provides apartment styles that differ greatly, such as one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and studio. 

Photo credit: Amanda Mertz

If you and your friends want to socialize next year: 

  • Choose North: North is packed with freshman and sophomores eager to make friends. Grab a bunch of people from your floor and dine on North and Northwest’s offerings. 

  • Choose Garrigus Suites: Garrigus Suites offers 3-person per room suites connected by a bathroom, much like Busby Suites. The deciding factor between the two should be the exclusive offering of Body Wise classes and the closeness to Putnam Dining Hall. 

  • Choose Carriage House or Celeron: Floating around apartments in Carriage and Celeron is a staple for upperclassmen on a weekend night. Plus, Purple Line conveniently stops at this spot on Hunting Lodge Road, providing an easy way to still feel like you’re on campus!

Living off campus, like in Celeron, allows you to let your creativity shine and truly make your space your own.

Photo Credit: Samantha Faragalli

If you’re not sure where to live, check out these unique features: 

  • Choose McMahon: Are your favorite foods burgers, fries, and chicken tenders? You should steer clear of living in McMahon, but if your palette requires tastes from around the world – this is your place!

  • Choose Busby Suites: While Garrigus Suites’ location is just right, Busby Suites is a great alternative due to their slightly more open rooms. Busby also offers large, walk-in closets.

  • Choose Hilltop Apartments: Hilltop Apartments are perhaps the mecca for upperclassmen due to the location to sports venues, BodyWise, and campus in general. Be aware that the apartments offer very different styles, including efficiency, two bedrooms, and four bedrooms. 

Four bedroom Hilltop Apartments come fully furnished and provide a great view with a large living space.

Photo Credit: Grace McMorrow

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