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All of the eight, talented a cappella groups at UConn gathered together on Friday night to showcase their music to a full audience. Known as their Fall Rush Concert, the UConn a cappella groups put on a show at the start of the fall semester, just before their auditions.  It allows interested students to get a look at the groups and find a good fit and the rest of the audience to have a night full of good music and laughter!

This year was a first for the concert, as it was held in Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts instead of the Student Union Theater. “Performing in Jorgensen for the rush concert was amazing!” said Taylor Moore ’15, a member of the all-female group, Rubyfruit, “it was so great that everyone who wanted to come was able to since in the past the student union theater would fill up so quickly and we would have to turn people away.” Despite the larger arena, there was still a line out the door and the seats filled up quickly.

The entire theater was excited and energetic, singing and clapping along with the acts, and cracking up at each group’s little goofs. “Part of what makes the UConn a cappella community so fun is the reception we get at events like this,” said Moore ’15, “we love performing for our fellow students!” The camaraderie between each of the groups was evident. “Besides the great singing, I loved the fact that all of the groups supported each other,” said Silvia Luque-Blakz ’16, of her first a cappella concert.

Each group introduced themselves and informed the audience of what positions they’re looking for, while also singing two songs to showcase their talents! “It’s good for those who want to try out, and also lots of fun for other students,” said Nicole St. Andre ’15, “it was entertaining and a great way to wind down from the week!”

After their concert Friday, the a cappella groups (Chordials, A Minor, Notes Over Storrs, CDN, Conn-men, Rubyfruit, Extreme Measures, and the Rolling Tones) are holding their auditions on Sunday and Monday in the Music Building!

Currently a senior at the University of Connecticut, Grace McMorrow is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communications.  From a young age she could be found sitting in a comfy corner devouring a book or filling up a journal and her love of words has only grown with age. She's learned to embrace her awkward, quirky nature once she learned being like Mia Thermopolis or Jessica Day isn't all that bad. Grace tends to spend her free time staying up to date on pop culture, obsessing over fictional characters, and daydreaming about her next faraway travel destination.
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