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A Glimpse at Hulu’s “Only Murders in The Building”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Hulu deserves a round of applause, yet again, for having another hit TV series with an extremely talented and admirable cast. With names like Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, this series was already a success before it premiered.

If you are looking for a show to watch, Only Murders in the Building earns its spot on your list. The murder mystery comedy genre is the perfect mix to keep you binge watching.


Avoiding spoilers for any show nowadays is impossible. But here is your chance to get a glimpse and still actually want to watch it. The show is about a murder mystery and 3 individuals who live in close proximity to the tragedy. Of course, the trio is formed of Mable, Oliver, and Charles, three people who live very different lives but yet are neighbors. With their shared liking of a murder mystery podcast, they quickly form a bond amidst an actual crime scene occurring in their apartment building. Seeing that the police investigation quickly ends, the trio remains suspicious of the event and takes matters into their own hands by creating their very own podcast reporting their crime scene investigation. Finding friendship, solace, and excitement with each other gives them hope for the future and a way to cope with their rough pasts. 

And to top it off, each episode has major plot twists. You’ll be kept on your toes, constantly laughing, and your jaw will be dropping to the point where you will probably finish the first season all in one day. 


It’s obvious that Selena Gomez is the icon of our generation. From watching her on Wizards of Waverly Place to singing her album hits on the way to school, we watched her grow up while we did too. Although she has not been acting as frequently lately, her role in Only Murders In the Building once again shows the world her amazing capabilities. 

Having Steve Martin, who we grew up watching as the Pink Panther, gives a lot of nostalgia. His role as the reserved, washed up actor of Charles Haden-Savage adds the much needed character to the mystery-solving trio of Mabel, Charles, and Oliver. Bringing in Martin Short as Oliver was probably the best decision for this show, as he is definitely one of the most entertaining actors of all time. Not to mention he and Steve Martin form a heartwarming friendship and create another iconic duo to add to the list of all their previous roles together.

Forming a trio of a successful pop star and two award winning actor-comedians is everything that our generation needs to see. Mixing the familiarity of Gomez and the fame of Short and Martin is what makes this show hard to turn off.

The unexpected guest stars of Tina Fey and Jane Lynch quite honestly has me thinking this is one of the best casts in a very long time. 


A girl walking down the street wearing red headphones, an orange faux fur coat and a yellow beanie. This as the first scene is already is adding so much character. Selena Gomez starring as the main character Mabel accentuates her fascinating acting skills as she can adopt any character as her own. Her character’s mysteriousness yet charm draws you in immediately. The wardrobe used for Gomez’s character encapsulates all the stylish trends that everyone is dying to get a hold of.  

Short’s character of Oliver Putnam and Martin’s character of Charles Haden-Savage express some fashionable looks that do indeed stand out as well. The wardrobe for each character is chosen so strategically that it is noticeable right off the bat. Each character’s outfits and color schemes represent their personalities so well that you as a viewer will feel more connected to and understanding of the show.

Check out Only Murders in the Building on Hulu!

Natalie is a Senior at the University of Connecticut studying Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. Even if she is running, cycling, or reading a book you can always find her listening to classic rock records.