9 Struggles Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Having curly hair is probably one of the greatest things ever. You have this beautiful bundle of luscious locks on top of your head and it’s awesome. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, here are 9 struggles all curly girls have:


1. Waking up with a giant puffball


2. Getting a nice arm workout after straightening it for 1+ hours

3. Never brushing your hair dry


4. “How do you get it so curly?”


5. Breaking hair ties like nobody’s business



6. Taking forever in the shower because you have an elaborate hair routine


7. Shrinkage. My hair actually goes down to my mid-back I promise


8. Going out with one hairstyle and coming back with another



9. Wishing you had straight hair sometimes

Even though the curls can be difficult sometimes, I wouldn’t trade my curly hair for anything.

Love your curls collegiettes!

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