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9 Costumes to Keep you Warm this Halloween

The scariest time of the year is creeping upon us: Halloween. This thrilling holiday calls for tons of fun whether you channel your inner child and decide to trick-or-treat or you decide to party it up. Aside from your plans (and candy!!), the most essential part is your costume, of course. We all like to think that the less clothing we wear the better, but the weather never seems to be on the same page. This Halloween, don’t sacrifice warm clothes for the sake of being the average sexy bunny. Here are a few ideas that can make you the center of attention as well as keep you nice and toasty during this cold New England weather.


1. Adult Stop Traffic Sexy Cop Costume

Must be illegal to look this warm and sexy.

 2. Adult Anna Costume -Frozen

This Anna costume will keep you far from “Frozen” this Halloween!


5. Orange is the New Black Prisoner Costume

“Warm is The New Trend” as much as “Orange is The New Black”. Whether you’re Piper Chapman or Crazy Eyes, staying warm will be the least of your probelms.


6. Adult Red Hot Devil Jumpsuit Costume

This costume is guaranteed to keep you sizzlin’ hot both figuratively and literally.


7. Adult Zipster Leopard One-Piece Pajama Costume

Warm? Check. Cute? Check. Everyone will be jealous? Check.


7. Adult Sexy Spidergirl Catsuit Costume

Not only can you save the day, but save yourself the trip to CVS for Dayquil.  #BestOfBothWorlds


8. Star Wars Storm Trooper Adult Women’s Costume

This sexy white battle armor will keep you trooping in any climate.


9. Voodoo Doll Adult Women’s Jumpsuit

 Be the warm sprinkle of black magic in everyone’s night.


With just a couple days until Halloween, warmth should be highly important when picking a killer costume. If you’re still a bit hesitant, here’s a couple reasons Why Weather Should be Your #1 Priority.

Happy Halloween collegiettes!  


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