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8 Trader Joe’s Must Haves on your Grocery List

We all know and love Trader Joe’s for quick, easy, and relatively affordable groceries – if you unfortunately haven’t been introduced to this store, don’t wait any longer. The nearest Trader Joe’s from UConn is about 20-25 minutes away, but it is well worth the drive. Whether you are living off campus or in a dorm and want some snacks on hand, here are some absolute must haves. 

Cauliflower Gnocchi: 

These are the perfect pasta alternative especially if you are gluten free. When cooked and paired with sauce, you can hardly taste that you are eating cauliflower.

Cashew Fiesta Dip (vegan queso dip): 

When heated up, this tastes identical to regular queso dip and is delicious with tortilla chips. You can hardly tell it is vegan and is a much healthier option.

Vegetable Birds Nests:

Essentially, these are baked vegetable patties containing potato, zucchini, and carrots. Dipped in soy sauce, they are a perfect snack or could serve as a whole dinner

Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese: 

If you are craving comfort food or need a meal after a night out, this does the trick at only 270 calories. 

Chocolate Hummus:

My newest obsession – made with cocoa powder and chickpeas and tastes amazing with strawberries. If you have a sweet tooth, this does the trick and is pretty healthy compared to other sweets.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels:

Perfect for your sweet but salty craving and not the worst dessert to be snacking on in terms of calories.

Organic Fruit Wraps:

Basically, these are the healthy version of the Fruit Roll Ups that we would always wish for in school lunches as a kid. However, these contain much less sugar and are still delicious.

Pomegranate seeds:

A refreshing snack especially if you love fruits that are a little bit more tart then sweet. 

Caroline is a Senior at UConn majoring in Communications with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies. She is interested in working with social media management, Marketing and Public Relations. In her free time you could find her binge-watching her favorite shows, spending time with friends, and making Spotify playlists.
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