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8 Things We All Do Before a Snowstorm

Forecast: snowed in.  After hearing these words, there are a few things that college students do in preparation for inclement weather.  


1. Celebrate and cheer in lecture when everyone recieves the “classes cancelled” text. 


2. Buy the grocery store out of Easy Mac and other various microwavable meals.


3.  Stock up your minibar.


4. Charge EVERYTHING, including your portable chargers. God forbid there’s a power outage.


5. Find weird, but useful things to sled with (think frisbees, garbage can tops, canoes, or dining hall trays).


6. Figure out exactly how long that assignment can be pushed off…


7. Daydream about all the Netflx you can binge watch with no shame.


8. Cry as you accept the cold, icy reality outside.


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