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7 Things About Womanhood That Would Put Men Into A Coma

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Even though Women’s History Month is officially over, it is still important to carry that empowering energy through the rest of the year. Engaging in dialogue is always a great way to continuously educate, appreciate, and celebrate how wonderful it is to be a woman. Being a woman is absolutely incredible, and in honor of this, I’ve compiled a list of seven mundane things women experience that would send your average man into a coma.

Communal Pre-game

There is nothing more sacred and bonding than the communal pre-game. Imagine a small room of girls, makeup, clothes, and accessories are strewn about, blasting music, and everyone screaming “Hey, can I borrow your straightener?” or “Can you pass me the mascara?” While the communal pre-game is chaotic, it is also an experience girls wouldn’t trade for the world.

Everything showers

The dreaded everything shower. This shower consists of every beauty self-care step imaginable and can take over an hour to complete. It is a set of rituals from double cleansing, shaving, dry brushing — you name it. This complex, yet simple step in many women’s routines would absolutely baffle men who at most use 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Girly things

This category is intense and covers everything from period cramps, IUDs, giving birth, and all the hormonal imbalances in between. This category needs no elaboration, men would just simply cease to exist if they had to experience even a fraction of this.

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crafting an Instagram post

There is nothing more satisfying than curating the perfect Instagram post, from the lighting to the arrangement, there is no better feeling than crafting the ultimate collection of pictures to portray yourself. Men are going to have to step it up from the typical fishing pic if they want to keep up.

being told to smile

The nagging comment of being told to smile has to be the bane of the female experience. This can apply to a broader array of topics but in general, there is a certain level of cheery and complacency that women are expected to exhibit, god forbid we are tired of keeping up a constant act. Imagine if men had to deviate from throwing up a “4” in every pic

Getting into a corset

The group effort that getting that one friend into their corset for the night is something you truly have to see to believe. Several hands secure the garment in place, others lacing the back, some holding the victim’s hand for moral support. Men would be in disbelief at the amount of group support the whole process requires. Men will have to get over their superficial fear of getting too close to their boys if they were to execute such an intimate task.

Getting gaslit by doctors

There is something about being a sick woman, a woman in pain, a worried woman, that manages to be taken even less seriously than usual (which is a feat of its own). When we do advocate for ourselves we are then further reduced to being hysterical, PMSing, or a multitude of demeaning things.

Jo is a first-year at the University of Connecticut studying physiology and neurobiology on a pre-medical track in the honors program. Her hometown, Atlanta, GA, is a short 14-hour drive away. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can catch her grabbing coffee with friends, taking care of her plants, reading, crocheting, and working as a tour guide at UConn.