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7 Podcast Recommendations For The Pop Culture Obsessed

If you’re anything like me, you’re deeply obsessed with pop culture and listening to other people talk about pop culture. I typically get my pop culture fill from podcasts. I’ve become so obsessed with podcasts in the past year that I’m even taking a podcasting class this semester. Listening to podcasts is a great way to be entertained, learn more about the world, and pass the time. If you see me walking to class, chances are I’m listening to a podcast. When I need to see where I’m going, there is nothing better than just being able to hear people talk. I’m always looking for a good chatty podcast recommendation, aka a new podcast host to start a parasocial relationship with. So, I thought I would share my favorite podcasts that help me survive life as a busy college student.

1. Binchtopia

Binchtopia is a hard podcast to describe. Hosted by Eliza McLamb and Julia Hava, episodes consist of anything and everything from the origins of water beds to deconstructing gender. Some episodes are more research-based, while others are more chatty and lighthearted. One thing I love about this podcast is that it is simultaneously current and timeless in its structure. Each host has a fun, relatable personality and the community built around the show makes the listening experience even better. 

My favorite episodes: “Panic! At the Gender Performance,” “Absentee Fathering From Mars,” and “The Parenting Panopticon.”

2. Normal Gossip

When you’ve just run out of celebrity gossip to read, gossip about people you don’t know is a surprisingly entertaining replacement. In each episode of Normal Gossip, host Kelsey McKinney tells an anonymized gossip story to a guest, often a writer, comedian, or fellow podcast host. These stories are juicy, full of twists and turns, and have made me laugh out loud in the dining hall one too many times. 

My favorite episodes: “S1 EP 3: Can I Say Something Bitchy,” “S1 EP 8: Spot the Scammer,” and “S2 EP 3: Squirrel Enthusiast.”

3. The Evolution of a Snake

If your pop-culture interests include the life and times of one Miss Taylor Swift, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Zack and Madeline painstakingly break down Swift’s career year by year and give their opinions on her discography. Everything—and I mean everything—is discussed. Every song, award show appearance, tour, friendship, relationship, rumor, and more. As a bit of a baby Swiftie myself, these veteran fans have taught me a ton about my favorite blondie. 

My favorite episodes: “Red: Taylor’s Chaotic Version,” “2014: Part 2,” and “Folklorology.”

4. Gilmore To Say

Gilmore Girls may have ended in 2007, but there is always more to talk about. From the lore of the minor characters to the wardrobe, hosts Tara and Haley discuss anything and everything about this beloved show. Looking at Gilmore Girls in 2022 provides a unique perspective as well. How does the show hold up? What could they have done differently? What even was that revival? For that and more fangirlish conversation, check out this weekly podcast.

My favorite episodes: “How Many Plotholes To Stars Hollow,” “Taylor Swift x Gilmore Girls,” and “Halloween in Stars Hollow.”

5. And That’s What You Really Missed

For another TV show-specific podcast, check out And That’s What You Really Missed. This one is for the Gleeks. Glee is one of those shows where its legacy continues to haunt the pop-culture space. Rumors and tragedies pop up in the media constantly. In this podcast, cast members Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz rewatch all six seasons of Glee, breaking down every moment and misconception. This podcast was recently launched, so it is easy to catch up and follow Kevin and Jenna’s journey in real time!

My favorite episodes: “Start Believin’ w/ Ryan Murphy (pt.1),”  “Chris Colfer,” and “The Pilot.”

6. Burning the Disco Down

This podcast is a super-fun listen for anyone involved in or fascinated by fan culture. While it has a significant focus on the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles fandoms, Burning the Disco Down takes a brutally honest look at the music industry as a whole. Hosts Kaiya and Aspen are extremely fun to listen to and provide a relatable take on being a music lover/fangirl. 

My favorite episodes: “Disney Channel: Setting Fangirl’s Expectations,” “Keeping Up With The Khaos,” and “We’re In An LA Mood.”

7. Sounds like a Cult

To round out my podcast faves, I wanted to recommend one of my favorites: Sounds Like a Cult. This podcast combines some of my all-time favorite things: niche pop-culture subgroups and cults. Hosts Amanda Montell and Isa Medina analyze an industry, corporation, or group from the cultural zeitgeist through the lens of cultish criteria. Each episode has some historical context, many episodes have guests, and all episodes end with the hosts discussing what level of cult they feel the group best fits into. Listening is a super entertaining way to learn more about the world through a unique lens.

My favorite episodes: “The Cult of Fraternities and Sororities,” “The Cult of Disney Adults,” and “The Cult of Hell Houses.”

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These are just some of my favorite podcasts, from my classic listens to my newfound obsessions. I hope you’ll decide to check some of them out!

Emily is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying journalism and communication. When she's not writing for HerCampus, she's probably getting coffee, writing poetry, or listening to music.