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The 7 Must-Have Fall Fashion Pieces For 2023

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As the leaves begin to fall and change colors, there comes a new time to adjust your wardrobe. This season brings an opportunity to revamp your personal style to stay chic and cozy. Whether you’re a fashion guru or just looking to see what’s trending this year, these pieces will hopefully inspire you to come up with new outfit ideas. This autumn we are looking at earthy tones, new textures, and the reappearance of pieces from earlier times. Read further to discover seven essential pieces to have ready for this season!

Leather coats

Leather has always been a continuing piece for fall fashion. This season, it’s making a strong comeback in the form of oversized leather coats that provide both warmth and style. These statement pieces exude a sense of boldness and elegance, making them a must-have for the cooler months.

The oversized leather coat not only keeps you warm but also allows for effortless layering, a perfect way to stay cozy in the autumn air. Whether you choose the classic allure of black leather or prefer new and trending hues like bold red or deep green, you’re making a fashion statement that stands out.

What’s even better is the versatility of pairing leather coats. Jeans are essential for a more laid-back look or they can be worn over a dress for a more formal occasion.

princess polly leather jacket
Photo via Princess Polly
cherry red

On the topic of bold and statement pieces, this one is the most alluring color for this Fall. Whether it’s a bright cherry red or closer to burgundy, red pieces are making their way back this season. This color does really well when paired with neutral colors as it stands out and makes the fit pop out a bit.

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Nothing tops turtlenecks when it comes to having the best mixture of staying comfortable for fall but also remaining stylish. If you’re looking to layer clothes as the colder weather approaches, turtlenecks are a popular go-to for almost any fit. Tighter-fighting and neutral-colored turtlenecks are on the rise right now and are most likely to stay for the winter as well. Whether you’re heading to class, meeting friends, or staying in, you can count on turtlenecks to go with almost any occasion.

puffer vests

Puffer vests are essential for those days when the weather wants to be unpredictable. They offer a variety of ways to stay warm but without being too overwhelming. They come in a range of colors that add a bit of fun to any outfit. Just like turtlenecks, they are highly versatile to wear and pair. Hiking? Campfire? Casual gathering? Yes, yes, and yes. They are complemented by having long-sleeved shirts underneath and paired with long pants to fight off the chills this fall weather.

knee-high boots

One of my favorite trends this fall season is knee-high boots. I couldn’t picture a better time than this season to wear these. The allure lies in its ability to transition from day to night. These again aren’t just reserved for fancy events or professional environments but can be seen almost anywhere. If you pair these types of boots with any basic outfit, it transforms the fit into a fashion statement. They also help with boosting your confidence, especially if you’re looking at the ones with a heel!

wide-leg trousers

Something you may have been seeing more often than others are the wide-leg trousers. These pair up very nicely with a fitted shirt or a bodysuit. The airy and freeing feeling of these bottoms is appealing for both comfort and style. If you are looking for a more professional setting to wear these to, then opt for a tailored blazer to style the fit.

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts can be seen as the embodiment of timeless grace and essence. One way it can be worn is with a cozy sweater and a pair of boots. We might have seen lots of mini skirts this summer, but fall is bringing these ankle-length skirts to stay warm but still stay stylish. They are suitable for daytime or night fashion as they allow for ease of movement, making them great for walking or even dancing. It is also best for almost any body type as it shows off your sense of personality with the way you wear it.

From knee-high boots to cherry red tones, this fall is sending us off with bold and timeless statements. There is a blend of new and old fashion choices that are hitting off strong this year. As we say goodbye to the summer, we can look forward to embracing the spirit that the autumn air brings. These seven pieces work best for the ever-changing fall season that leaves us vulnerable and uncertain due to its variety and base of layering. By incorporating these into your wardrobe, you can be sure to mix and match these pieces to make several different types of outfits. So whether you’re heading out for a pumpkin patch or snuggling into your blankets at home, you can be sure you’re prepared and in style with these fall essentials. 

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