7 Beautiful Makeup Looks to Recreate this Halloween

Whether you are a makeup fanatic, a beginner, or have never even applied mascara, these looks are simple enough that you will already have the tools at your disposal or, at most, can just take a trip to your local drugstore. Pair these makeup styles with your favorite black dress so that you too can create stunning Halloween looks.

For each costume, a YouTube tutorial similar to the look is linked to provide some clearer directions. Recreate these looks or get inspired and make it your own. Remember that makeup and fashion have no rules, so you can transform these looks into your own one-of-a-kind costume.


"'I'm a homicidal maniac - they look just like everyone else". - Wednesday Addams

  • Braid two pigtails.
  • Put on some light foundation or white face paint, dark contour, and black lipstick.
  • Add some eyeliner.
  • Wear your LBD alone or add a white button down underneath.


Panda Panda Panda

  • Put your hair into two buns.
  • Do a smoky eye and put on some black lipstick.
  • Use eyeliner to draw your nose and connect it to your lips.



  • Fill in your brows.
  • Put on a lipstick of your choice, and use white paint to highlight your bottom lip.
  • Create lines carving out your cheekbones, nose, eyeliner and crease, and lips using black eyeliner; liquid or gel would be best or black face paint.
  • Feel free to use eyeliner or eyeshadow to create dots all over your face. You can even add tears under one of your eyes for added effect.


Easy Peasy Clown Makeup

  • Create a bold smoky eye. Go high into the eyebrow and under your eyes.
  • Using eyeliner, create two thin triangles above and below one or both of the eyes.
  • Put on red lipstick and using the lipstick itself or lip liner bring the sides of your mouth to points.
  • Play with the colors of the eyeshadow and lipstick to create your own look.


Bride of Frankenstein- I might be stange but I am beautiful.

  • Using spray hair color, spray a strip of your hair white.
  • Fill in your brows and apply a black lipstick.
  • Line a dramatic crease and then apply eyeliner.
  • Use white and red eyeliner to create the sitches that line your face.
  • Contour your cheek below the stitches.
  • Additional eye makeup optional. For added effect, continue the stitches along your neck.


Beetlejuice- NEVER trust the living.

  • Create a dramatic purple smokey eye.
  • Apply light foundation or white face paint.
  • Use a bright green eyeshadow to “bronze and contour” your face. For added effect, use bright green hair color spray.
  • Apply deep purple lipstick.


Mad Max Avant-Garde Makeup

  • Using heavy black eyeshadow and black eyeliner, create the diagonal stripe across your face.
  • Use liquid eyeliner to create the drip down your cheeks.
  • Apply black lipstick or black eyeliner to fill in your lips.





Cover Image Credit: see linked photos in article