6 Signs Your Fights Might Mean to End the Relationship

In any relationship there are going to be disagreements and fights. No relationship is perfect, but there is definitely a line between normal fighting, and toxic fighting that might be a sign you shouldn’t be with this person. Here are six signs your fights with your significant other might mean you should end the relationship.

1.) You fight a lot

Yes fights are going to happen in your relationship, but they shouldn’t be all the time. The golden ratio is 5:1 which means for every 5 nice encounters there may be one bad one, or one fight so to speak. Though those numbers are not necessary to live by, it shows that there shouldn’t be more bad times than good times. You shouldn’t be fighting with your significant other every time you see them and if you are it might be a sign the relationship is not working out.

2.) Every fight feels like it might lead to a break up

Fighting with your significant other shouldn’t always create the fear that your relationship is going to end. There are fights that should just be conversations and not mean that your relationship needs to end. It’s not healthy if every fight big or small constantly feels like it’s leading to a break up.

3.) They're not being loyal or honest with you

Fights about loyalty are not only stressful but also a sign that the relationship might not be good for you. If you find it necessary to bring up your concerns about their loyalty that says a lot about how your partner makes you feel which is definitely not healthy. If your partner is creating an atmosphere that has you in constant worry that they’re cheating on you or aren’t being honest with you then that might be a sign you need to cut ties with them.

4.) Calls you names or makes you feel bad about yourself

This kind of a fighting is a big red flag and a sure sign you should end things with your partner. Your partner should never be calling you names or making you feel bad about yourself or your appearance. A fight is in no way an excuse for your partner to insult you. That kind of behavior is toxic and might be a sign the person you’re with isn’t a very good person.

5.) Bringing up things from the past in your current fight

Your partner should not be constantly bringing up things in the past to the fight in the here and now. Every fight you do have should have a resolution that both of you are content with so if your partner is constantly bringing up things you’ve already disputed before, clearly they are not over what you did. In order to move on and grow in your relationship you have to be able to bury the hatchet. If they keep bringing up past things then it isn’t a problem with the fight it is a problem with the person.

6.) You're constantly addressing the same issue

Going off of the last one, if you and your partner are constantly arguing about the same thing over and over again then most likely nothing is going to change. When you bring something up that bothers you, if they respect you and care for you, they will do all that they can to make sure they don’t make the same mistake again. If you are constantly fighting about the same thing it might be a sign it’s something you will have to either accept, or end.

Every relationship is different and these aren’t all matter of fact reasons you should end your relationship right now, but they are definitely things you should consider the next time you have a fight with your significant other, and don’t be afraid to end something if that person is not promoting your best interests.