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6 Fun Date Ideas For This Fall

Whether you’re going on a date with your boyfriend, best friends, or mom, here are some fun activities that’ll help you celebrate the fall together!

1. Go apple picking/berry picking!
If you’re an outdoorsy person, or just really love fruit and a good time, make sure to visit one of Connecticut’s many pick-your-own farmsNot only is picking the fruits fun, and a great bonding activity, but after you’re done, you can attempt to make a pie with the fruits you’ve picked! There’s nothing better than a fresh fruit pie in the fall, and even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, baking is always a fun indoor activity to get away from the brisk fall cold, and a good way to use all of those fruits you just picked (because really, who eats that many fruits when french fries exist??).
Try one of these delicious pie recipes!
2. Visit a haunted house!
If you’re into adrenaline rushes and horror movies, a haunted house is sure to be a great time for you and your date! Halloween is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to get in the spooky spirit than by visiting a haunted house. Whether you’re visiting an actual haunted location, like the Union Cemetery in Easton, CT, or taking the safer route and visiting one of Connecticut’s many haunted house attractions, you’re sure to be terrified, and definitely get in the Halloween spirit. 

BONUS: If you’re going with a new guy in your life, it’s a flirty way to hold his hand or have him put his arm around you for the first time without it being too awkward!

If you don’t really enjoy being scared, or have an enormous fear of anything spooky, instead…

3. Cheer on your home school team at a football game!
Nothing says fall like tailgating and football games! Even if you don’t like sports, cheering on your school team at a home game is always a fun way to spend a Saturday, and nothing stengthens the bond with fellow huskies than some school spirit! Get decked out in all of those Uconn Husky gear that you binge buy from the co-op and buy some tickets for you and your date to curse out the opposing team, yell until you have no more voice, and celebrate when your team wins (or justify why they lost). 

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like facing those crowds of people, or being out in the cold, you can always stay in with your date, put on the game, and order some Wings Over Storrs! You can try to match the excitement of the game in your own room!

4. Visit a pumpkin patch!
Pumpkin patches are a great way to really get into the spirit of fall, especially if you’re a Halloween fanatic (because really, who isn’t?). They’re also a really great way to turn a date into an all day activity! Not only can you and your date spend time looking for that perfect pumpkin, but most pumpkin patches also have corn mazes and hay rides that you can enjoy! After your done finding the best pumpkin, and finally finding your way through that corn maze, you can go home and have fun carving it, and even roast the pumpkin seeds! Or, if you’re not interested in carving the pumpkin, or eating the seeds, you can even try to make a fresh pumpkin pie!
But if you’re not much of a baker, you can still try out some of these pumpkin carving ideas
5. Have fun at a fair!
What’s better than food, rides, and entertainment..and all in one place? Fairs and festivals are the best way to get the most out of your day, from eating greasy fried Oreos to riding on the Gravitron (and trying your hardest not to blow chunks). There are SO many fall fairs and festivals in Connecticut that it’d be crazy to go to just one! These range from themed festivals, like the Renaissance Faire in Norwich where you can pretend like you’re in the Middle Ages and watch various Renaissance shows, to more traditional fairs like the Berlin Fair in East Berlin. Awaken your inner kid! Eat some messy funnel cake and spend an outrageous amount of money trying to win a small stuffed animal at the water gun games (or make your date win one for you ladies). No matter what you do, a fair is the best way to spend a whole time acting like a kid again (and stuffing your face with junk food until you can’t breathe)!
If being outside really isn’t your thing, and you don’t feel like stepping foot outside whenever it’s not absolutely necessary…
6. Have a cozy night in!
‘Tis the season for Disney Halloween movies and hot apple cider! Instead of venturing out into the cold fall air, put on your comfiest, coziest pajamas and fuzziest socks, and stay in! Fall is the perfect time to appreciate apple cider and anything pumpkin flavored, so munch on some goodies and warm up while watching your favorite Halloween movies! Bring out your softest blankets and yummiest smelling fall candles, and really appreciate the wonderful month of fall…from inside!
Happy Fall, collegiettes!! 


Kayla is a Communication and English major who attends the University of Connecticut. Her hometown is Queens, NY and Storrs, CT is definitely a change of scenery! She really loves reading and writing, and hopes to become a writer or editor for Cosmopolitan magazine one day in the future.
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