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5 Winter Clothing Trends You Need In Your Closet

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! As the winter season approaches, it’s time to break out the coats and boots and start transitioning our closets for the next season. Although I’m not looking forward to the icy cold weather and windy walks to class, I am looking forward to picking out some new pieces for my winter wardrobe.

Here are five of my favorite timeless clothing trends that I can’t wait to incorporate into my outfits this winter:

Cherry red

The cherry red color seen dominating both the New York and Paris fashion week runways back in September is a trend that I’m still obsessing with and one I’m pretty sure will continue into the winter months. The possibilities for incorporating a pop of red into your outfits are endless, from statement sweaters to a cute bag, or even a shade of nail polish. It’s also the perfect statement color for the holiday season! 

My favorite suggestions for incorporating the cherry color into your wardrobe are this red cable knit sweater from Urban Outfitters or this trendy red bag from Anthropologie for a cute accessory.


Ribbons are the trend currently taking the world of fashion by storm. I’ve seen ribbons everywhere lately, from belt loops and back pockets on jeans to replacing laces on sneakers and being tied onto ponytails or braids. There are so many easy ways to incorporate ribbons into your outfits without even having to buy new pieces of clothing, which makes this trend an easy one to follow.

I love this simple fuzzy hair ribbon from Free People (especially in red or baby pink!), or you can get a roll of satin ribbon from Amazon to have more creative freedom with how you style it!


Trench coats are probably my favorite trendy item of clothing right now, and they are ideal for the upcoming winter season. Not only is a trench coat an iconic fashion staple, but it’ll keep you warm while also being a little more stylish than a typical winter coat. It’s also a very versatile piece; I’ve seen it dressed up with a cute dress or skirt and dressed down with a sweatsuit under it.

This cute beige trench coat from NA-KD is one that I need in my closet this winter; it also comes in black and grey and I want all three!


Taylor Swift has been seen wearing knee-high boots a lot lately so, of course, we all have to follow suit. Knee-high boots are a cold weather go-to because they are both functional and stylish. They are ideal for keeping your feet and legs warm during winter and can elevate any outfit!

Princess Polly has super cute knee high boots with or without a heel depending on the level of practicality you want.


Although they might not be the most practical item of clothing for winter or a college campus, I’ve been loving the revival of pleated mini skirts this season. They’re more structured than your average tennis skirt, but they can be worn in a variety of ways, both casual and dressy. To stay warm, I recommend wearing it with a cozy sweater and/or over a pair of tights! You could even pair one with the aforementioned pair of knee-high boots for an extra trendy look.

I’m loving this pleated mini skort from Free People, as well at this one with a belt from Zara for a lower price!

Trends often change so quickly that it can be challenging to put together outfits that feel relevant and in season. Keeping up with whatever items of clothing are trendy at any particular time can be costly and unsustainable. For this reason, I tend to lean toward trends that I believe will be timeless for at least the next several seasons. Fortunately, I think (and hope!) that these popular trends of the moment are easy to integrate into future seasons of fashion — cute boots, coats, and the color red never go out of style!

Mia is a junior at the University of Connecticut, majoring in communications with a writing minor. Mia's interests include fashion, beauty, nutrition, and wellness. She currently works part-time as a public relations assistant and hopes to work in the PR or advertising industry after graduation.