5 Ways To Stay Warm Without Layering Up

Feeling cold this winter season but would like to not be layered up in scarves, gloves, and coats? Here are 5 easy ways to stay warm!


Drink tea or coffee

Forgot your gloves in your dorm and need some warmth? Grab a chai latte or coffee drink at one of the cafes on campus. It’s one of the best ways to get warmer. Not only do you have a heater for your hands but also the drinking the tea will make you feel warmer inside!

Snuggle with your boyfriend or bestie

Body heat is important. It increases with proximity to people. So get close and snuggle with your boyfriend or best friend, you’ll make each other warmer.

Take a jog

Exercise help to get your body warmer. If you’re really cold, go for a jog. Your body will warm you up quickly!

Let your hair down

Need a beanie? Are you ears turning red from windburn? Pull your hair out of your bun or ponytail. It will protect your ears and make them feel less chilled.

Imagine warm things

Ever just imagined a fireplace and suddenly you feel a little warmer? Pretend you’re in Jamaica until you can get into a heated building. It is a sure fire way to feel warm without actually getting warmer.