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5 Underrated Spots To Eat Near UConn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

As a self-proclaimed foodie with mature taste buds, I oftentimes find myself bored of the restaurant options we have here on campus. While Storrs can sometimes feel like we’re located in the middle of nowhere, there are actually quite a few places I’ve taken the time to try over the past couple years since I’ve lived off campus. Below, you’ll find the top five food spots I’ve decided are must-tries if you’re a UConn student who finds themselves able to make the journey off-campus to eat.

1. Dog Lane Cafe – Storrs

The first spot is a well-known classic. I first tried Dog Lane’s chai latte freshman year and I haven’t had a better chai anywhere else since. During the school year, I have to actively keep myself from stopping into Dog Lane once a week to journal and drink my chai — but there really is no better activity! As a writer, I appreciate the inviting atmosphere of the coffee shop. You might not want to attempt a relaxing writing experience on a weekend morning at Dog Lane, however, because you will surely find a line out the door. I usually choose a Wednesday afternoon after classes to allow myself this experience.

2. American Creamery – Tolland

At first glance, this hidden gem in Tolland County might just look like a regular old gas station. However, if you sneak around the corner of the shop, you will find a service window which invites customers to the perfect quaint creamery. Selling Shady Glen ice cream, The American Creamery is an all-American ice cream experience. With over 40 flavors of ice cream, froyo, and sherbert, it’s definitely my favorite spot for a cone in the area (besides the Dairy Bar, of course)!

picture of the flavor options at an ice cream shop
Original photo by Julia Marcella

3. Shady Glen – Manchester

This restaurant is known for its old-timey feel, great service, but most importantly: its cheese. For years, Shady Glen has been famous for their fried hamburger cheese, which hardens and curls to give the classic cheeseburger you know and love a mouth watering twist. It may sound strange, but believe me, this will be the best cheeseburger you’ll ever have!

4. Taqueria Cordoba – willimantic

Located just about fifteen minutes from the Storrs campus is Cordoba, a Mexican taqueria with an authentic feel. From the guacamole to the steak sandwich, everything at this place is to die for. If you’re looking for great Mexican food and a welcoming staff, make the journey down to the heart of Willimantic and try this hidden gem.  

5. Willington Pizza Too – Willington

Maybe you’ve heard of Willington Pizza House, home of the award-winning red potato pizza, but just a mile or two down the road, is Willington Pizza Too. WP2 is a smaller version of the original, with a slightly cozier feel and a comfortable bar. The vintage decor offers an inviting feeling to customers and you really are treated like family. Most customers I’ve observed at WP2 are regulars because they know how reliable the food is, and just how much this place makes you feel like home. So, c’mon down to Willington Pizza Too, enjoy some wings, and watch the UConn Men’s Basketball team defeat Miami this weekend!

picture of dining room in restauraunt
Original photo by Julia Marcella
Julia is a senior at the University of Connecticut, studying English and minoring in psychology. She is interested in teaching and also journalism.