5 Tips to Having a Great Summer

It doesn’t matter whether you still have two weeks of classes left or you’ve already finished your last final: summer is coming. And the last thing you want to do is have a summer that is unmemorable.

1. Take lots of pictures.

Take pictures of everything from the scenery to selfies to candids of your friends. Visual recordings of everything you do are sure to cement the memories in your mind. Just don’t get too caught up in being the photographer than you forget to live in the moment.

2. Get a job.

I know this doesn’t sound like the ideal way to spend your time, but having a job encourages you to be productive and allows you to add more to your resume. Plus, you earn money for other expenditures if you want to travel or save up for the next semester.

3. Refocus on your hobbies and interests.

Usually, you have the excuse of a busy schedule and heavy readings to distract you from doing the things you love. Now, you don’t, and you should take advantage of that. Get back into reading, watch the films you haven’t seen yet, start painting. Do these things while you have the time!

4. Find the balance between staying up late and getting up early.

Trust me, you’ll feel worse if you wind up waking up around noon every single day. At the same time, it’s cool to stay up later than usual on certain days. You just have to balance both so neither becomes a habit.

5. Savor the time with your family and friends.

You only ever get to see your family and hometown friends so often. Reach out to them, and put in the effort when you see them. It makes a difference in the long run.