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5 Things To Do Before New Year’s Resolutions Start: As Told By Amy Schumer

New Years is a holiday created for people to have a reason to better themselves. A fresh new year is a perfect time for a fresh new start. Even if we all have the same resolutions year in and year out, we continue to try again and again to stay true to them as each January 1st comes and goes. We know that this is not as easy as it sounds, so before the clock stikes 12 and 2016 is here, celebrate the last of 2015 by doing everything you want to do, and nothing you should do after the New Year is here…and who is better to support you in this than Amy Schumer..enjoy the indulgence! 

1. Drown yourself in pasta, pizza, ice cream, and any other unhealthy food available

Eatting healthier is almost always on the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions list and although this is super important, we all know how satisfying a big burger, a large bowl of pasta, that one extra scoop of ice cream, or an entire pizza can be. So take these last days to indulge in all of the greasy goodness amd enjoy every bite! 

2. Sit on the couch and do nothing

Another top resolution is “going to the gym more”. This is another positive goal to have, but we all know that once we get to the gym in a few weeks we will be feeling like Amy while we are there. So enjoy the laziness while you can, before the “new year, new me” begins and you are trapped in an over-crowded gym. 

3. Drink up 

A lot of people put “drink less” on the top of their resolution list. Whether the reason for this is health, weight, or responsibility this is not always the easiest, or most enjoyable, goal to follow through with (especially in college).  Order an extra large class of wine every chance you get so that it can hopefully hold you over into next year.

4. Bask in bitterness 

Some may say, “Next year I will be more positive!” but it is still 2015 and there is still time to throw a tantrum or two and bask in the misery the last year may have brought you, however grand or small it may be, before it’s time to let it all go. 

5. No makeup, no problem

Many believe that taking care of their appearance makes them feel better so as 2016 rolls in and everyone has their new holiday clothes to show off, it is a perfect time to start spicing up your look with a nice hair style, make up, or a cute outfit…but before then feel free to embrace the no makeup look! Relax and enjoy sweats, messy hair, and waking up five minutes before you have to be somewhere.

 All are encouraged to embrace these anti-resolution attitudes and enjoy the end of 2015 to the fullest!


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