5 Student Perks Every Uconn Student Should Be Aware Of

As college students, one of our favorite things to do is spend money that isn’t ours. As of recently, more and more businesses have made it possible for us to do that. Companies, and even the universities themselves, have begun to create apps and deals that offer great discounts to university students. Here are five student perks every student should know so we don’t all end up like this guy.

1.) POCKET POINTS: Also known as the only app that entices me to get up for my 8 a.m. classes. Pocket Points is a mobile app that gives rewards for not using your phone in class. You can earn points for locking your phone during class and then redeem those points for discounts, coupons and gifts at local businesses around campus or online. So sit back and watch those points roll in. Trust me, that Mooyah milkshake tastes extra good when it’s free.



2.) UNIDAYS: If you live for discounts just as much as I do, I guarantee you will appreciate this app. Unidays is a website and app specifically for student discounts. It gives access to exclusive deals for some of our favorite brands in beauty, fashion, tech and more. Get jiggy with those discounts.


3.) SPOTIFY PREMIUM AND HULU FOR STUDENTS: This will probably be the greatest $4.99 a month you ever spend. Spotify now offers a deal for students where you can get access to Hulu with your Spotify premium. So not only do you get unlimited access to music, but you also get access to hit movies and tv shows. Can I get a hell yeah?

4.) UPASS: There you are laying on your bed. You turn to your roommate, she turns to you, and for the 5th consecutive time says, “I don't know, what do you want to do?”  For all those squads that want to do something off campus without access to a car, this is your out. UConn now offers free UPasses so you can take transit buses and trains in Connecticut for free. Now you and your friends can ride out in style.


5.) AMAZON PRIME STUDENT: There is no feeling more incredible than receiving that email on your phone telling you your package is ready to be picked up in the mailroom. With Prime student, that feeling of pure bliss doesn't have to wait five to seven business days. Students can receive a six-month free trial of prime which includes free two-day shipping as well as access to thousands of movies and tv shows. After the trial ends, students can continue prime for 50% of the price until you graduate.

Happy saving, collegiettes!