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As college students, we all know the holiday struggle.  We’re adultish...and as adultish people, we are expected to purchase our own gifts for people.  No more signing our names on mom and dad’s cards or drawing someone a picture and calling it a day.  However, for the most part, we have little to no money for the holidays.  The quick solution to saving is having a Secret Santa so that you're responsible for purchasing only one gift for a friend or loved one.  Even still, Secret Santa comes with a slew of its own problems.  Here are 5 reasons Secret Santa sucks.


1.  You just can’t find a quality gift for $10-$20.

2.  You draw the name of a person that you don’t really know and have to figure out a general and yet also thoughtful gift for them.

3.  You spend so much time on finding the perfect gift for somebody and then receive a $10 Subway gift card.

4.  The gift exchange is awkward and everyone stares at you while you’re opening your gift.

5.  You walk away present-less when the person that drew your name explains that their gift is “on its way” (it never is).

Happy holidays collegiettes!


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