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5 Reasons Everyone Should Watch SNL’s “Welcome to Hell” Song

Saturday Night Live continued its tradition of bringing humor and satire to distressing events this past weekend, as host Saoirse Ronan and cast members Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Leslie Jones delivered a clapback to those that downplay, ignore, or engage in sexual harassment/assault. In the song, they extend a “Welcome to Hell” for men, as they chronicle the realities that women have been dealing with for years.

1. It’s incredibly accurate

The songs begins with the women recounting how the past few months have been “insane” as reports and incidents of sexual harassment continue to make headlines in the news. “All of these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be, what’s the word? Habitual predators?” As the women question if this is just the world we live in now, Ronan and Strong chime in saying that this is no secret, and that every girl knows, “This been the damn world.”


2. It addresses how women have been suppressed throughout history

Mckinnon reiterates the often asked question of, “Well why didn’t anyone say anything before?”, to which Ronan responds that women have been speaking out for hundreds of years. The video then flashes back throughout history, highlighting events like the burning of witches at the stake and the women’s suffrage movement of the 1920s.


3. It highlights how the experiences of women differ depending on race

While the song raises several aspects of sexual harassment for women, it misses one key topic until Jones makes an appearance to applaud the women for the message they’re spreading, but also reminding them that “it’s like a million times worse for a women of color.”


4. It details the ways that sexual harassment and assault impact the everyday lives of women

Ronan does comment on how it’s sad that House of Cards has been ruined due to the sexual harassment allegations made against Kevin Spacey, but not before compiling a list of things that have been ruined for women due to sexual harassment. Among the listed things that are ruined for women are “parking, walking, uber, ponytails, bathrobes, night time, drinking, hotels and vans”.



5. It’s ridiculously catchy

You’ll be stuck all day humming “Welcome to Hell” in your head. Watch for yourself down below.


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