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5 Places To Find UConn Merch That Aren’t The Bookstore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

If you have ever walked around the University of Connecticut’s campus, you know that students wear UConn merchandise daily. Seeing all of these cute jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and pants in shades of blue and white makes me wonder — where did everyone get these cute clothes? While our campus bookstore is always an option to get some UConn staples, there are some awesome websites and shops where you can get pieces that others may not have, and for a cheaper price. So, if you’re a current student or a possible commit looking for new UConn merch, read on!

1. Hype and Vice

Hype and Vice is known for modern college merchandise that teens and young 20s love. Their style caters to the clothing college students frequent, including tube tops, comfy shorts, sweatpants, and even puffer jackets. They cover the essentials from football game baby tops early in September to multicolor sweater vests for cold days in the winter. With over thirty pieces to pick from, you can’t go wrong, but my top three include the UConn Tailgate Top, Track Shorts, and Baby Knit Top.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a great way to support small businesses and creators who make varying items — including college paraphernalia. I have found that Etsy has the best customizable UConn merch as well as a lot of vintage-esqe items that make you feel like you’re back in the ’80s. There are endless options for this website, but I recommend you check out the embroidered college sweatshirt, vintage mascot sweatshirt, and the Big East shirt.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a great choice for every essential, including your college clothing wear. This picture is included for flexing purposes, but also to emphasize the fact that every UConn piece in the photo is from Amazon. Their options are affordable and good quality. What more could you ask for? My favorite highlights include the UConn pennant, fleece blanket, and newer arrivals including Final Four merchandise.

4. Depop

Looking to sell or buy affordable UConn clothes from students and alumni? Depop is the perfect place for this exact need as it is a website that allows people to resell their old clothes that need a new home. Directly supporting individuals is a great way to shop ethically and get pre-loved clothes. Some of my favorite items include the green and blue jacket, a classic UConn crewneck, and these blue comfy pawprint sweatpants.

5. UConn Swap Shop

Last, but certainly not least, the UConn Swap Shop is a new addition to campus — but a necessary one. The Swap Shop strives to be an ethical way for students to shop here on campus. Located in the Family Studies building basement, the shop works on a trade-for-trade basis for clothes and items you are seeking to get rid of. In return, you can pick something out from the shop, which may include some Uconn-branded items! The shop also features student creators who wish to sell their creations, including jewelry and tote bags. Among all the shops listed in this article, definitely try this one out!

You Really can’t go Wrong

No matter where you decide to purchase your UConn classics, there’s no wrong choice! All you need is a few shades of blue and white and you’re set. Happy shopping!

Bailey Brake

U Conn '26

Bailey Brake is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut serving as Huskython Chair and Secretary for HerCampus UConn. Her love for writing, reading, and speaking originated when she joined a competitive public speaking organization at the age of 7. Since then, the art of words and diction and how they can influence others has been her passion. When she is not writing for HerCampus, she spends her time at UConn being a tour guide for incoming and prospective students. She also participates in Huskython -an 18-hour dance marathon raising money for Connecticut's Children's Hospital- as a morale dancer. She is currently double majoring in political science and human rights and hopes to make a difference in this world for the communities that need it. In her spare time, Bailey enjoys baking, listening to Taylor Swift, dancing, and a good debrief session with her friends. There is always time for a shopping trip, car ride jam sesh, and ice cream stop in Bailey's schedule.