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5 People We are Not Trying to See this Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is a great time. It is a holiday where we can collectively sit down, surrounded by food, football and loved ones and reflect on the blessings in life past and present. That being said, every year there are still those few people who come around for Thanksgiving dinner who we much rather would not see or have to put up with. Here are the top 5:


The Crazy Uncle

Almost everyone has one and can relate to the struggle of watching him put on a spectacle every Thanksgiving. Whether that be in the form of instigating fights, going overboard with the Merlot, or being inappropriate in general, this uncle never fails to put his craze on full display. While it is mildly entertaining at times, it quickly turns into a liability and for that reason he’s better to avoid.

The Perfect Cousin

You think your life is going pretty well until you’re forced to sit side-by-side to this cousin who has it all together in terms of looks, career, love life, etc. Her life is the epitome of perfection and your relatives will not let you forget it. It is certainly a blow to the ego every Thanksgiving whenever she comes around.

The Estranged In-law

This in-law, either male or female, seems to merely come around a few times a year and only bares relation to you via their marriage to a relative. They never really fit into the family dynamic, and every Thanksgiving you are not exactly sure how to overcome the obvious awkwardness of having them at the dinner table.

The “Curious” Auntie

This aunt could make a run as a detective with all the prying questions she asks you about your personal life. She has a great way of subtly pointing out all your shortcomings while casually playing her meddling off as genuine curiosity. She is the downer of Thanksgiving and almost makes you wish you were back at school for the week.

The Political Expert

Last but not least, the political expert is a sure guarantee to ruin any any peaceful and lively celebration. You will usually find him bringing up politics when no one asked and staunchly defending his positions at the expense of harmony and respect for others at the table. Once he starts his rambling, it is hard to stop him. It’s best to prepare a good cover to be excused from the table in advance just in case.


Even though we are really not trying to see these five of people on Thanksgiving, it is still important to remember no family is perfect and to try and enjoy the holiday for what it’s worth.

From everyone here at Her Campus UConn, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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