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gilmore girls, rory reading
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5 Go-To Spots At UConn To Unwind During Your ‘Me Time’

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Fall semester is an exciting time for college students. A fresh start for friendships, going out, and of course, classes. For freshmen, this new experience living in a brand new environment can be hard to adjust to. The thrill of being on campus can sometimes get overwhelming, and perhaps a quick escape from the piles of work on your desk is what you need to cleanse your mind. With midterms in full force, it’s hard to remember what sanity feels like. Here is your reminder to stop what you’re doing, go take a walk, and find your happy place. These are five of my favorite on-campus places to go at the University of Connecticut when I just need a breather.

The Greenhouses
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

With several structures, the inside of the greenhouses are filled top to bottom with arrays of plants, flowers, and trees. With no distractions surrounding you, this is a perfect spot to stroll for plant-lovers. Stationed right in between the Pharmacy Building and the Edward V. Gant Complex holds what may be one of the most peaceful areas on campus. The brightest spot to pretend you’re taking a stroll in the Amazon. The UConn Botanical Conservatory is open to the public Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Mirror lake

An iconic spot for some students to appreciate in their daily scenic hike from East Campus. On the contrary, it’s also a great place to bring a blanket and a book to stay for a while! For early birds, these sunrises reflect beautifully on the lake making a picture perfect opportunity for your feed. The area is conveniently located near Downtown for students living nearby. The path surrounding the water makes for a perfect detour for the 6 a.m. joggers looking to jump start their day. Or for the rest of us that can’t fathom the thought of waking up a minute before our 10 a.m. alarm, the alternative midday stroll is our best bet.

Fine Arts building

Aside from the possibly niche demographic this spot may reach, the Fine Arts Building in itself is what may be the easiest alone time to find for those who want to be alone with their music. Open to all students to enter during open hours, it allows you to get lost in the music whenever you want. Whether you’re a singer that exclusively performs the entirety of the Eras Tour in your shower, or you like to play around to the simple sound of the piano exercising your 4th grade-level skills, or even if you just want a place to bring your high school French horn. The upstairs practice rooms in this building are the perfect place to seclude yourself completely from the world around you.

Horsebarn Hill

Put your hiking shoes on! It may not be a 5 minute walk into campus, but you will absolutely get your steps in while finding peace in one of the highest points in Storrs. Whether it’s dusk, dawn, or any hour in between and all throughout, Horsebarn has possibly the best view of the lights of campus. With a 180o view of the sky, the stars and the clouds are a wonder with the feel of a cool breeze. Far from the horns and engines of Storrs Road, arguably the best place on campus to view the gradients of the sunsets. On your way down make sure to stop and say hello to the cows!

Wilbur cross

Here we have, in my opinion, the marvel and glory of UConn. A lighthouse on campus, we have the golden-domed beauty that is Wilbur Cross. Picture this: we pass through the scenic outdoor cobblestone path towards the grandiose doors. As we enter, take a stop at the vegan-based Crossroads Cafe and pick up an iced caramel coffee with oat milk, and find our way upstairs to a nice comfortable balcony seat. Many of the offices you can find on the higher floors may be sweetly decorated by its inhabitants for passersby to observe. Or perhaps you’re yearning for some silence in this chaotic world, in which the quiet library is the ideal option for you. The luxurious feel of Wilbur Cross gives you a place directly in the middle of campus to find a gentle environment.


Whether you need to escape your roommate’s noisy habits or you simply need to connect with nature, there is a place for everyone to bring yourself back to. Balance the fun of living your best life in college by keeping yourself in good spirits. With all these various locations at your disposal, remember to take time for yourself! You deserve it!

Sarah Vial is a Sociology and Journalism double major at the University of Connecticut. Sarah is a writer for the UConn HerCampus team where she writes articles about various subjects in culture, style, wellness, life, and career. Sarah uses her course opportunities to write newsworthy articles on campus life at UConn. Sarah is also the social media chair for Survivor UConn where she does multi-media editing for the production team and marketing handles. She works with others to encompass a cast of college students in a reality television sense. Sarah enjoys working out at the gym, reading fiction books, and attempting to improve her rock climbing status to a level 2 . She likes to dabble with her creative side when practicing the piano on ballad classics and following baking recipes on Pinterest.