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5 Friends You Don’t Hang Out With During Winter Break

Everyone in college gets super excited for winter break. You get a break from school and you get to see your family and hang out with old friends. Unfortunately, there are some friends that you will just never see.


1) The Friend Who’s Always Working

This is the friend that is always busy. They have two jobs on the weekends and are taking a winter class. They’re NEVER available because they’re either working or too tired to go out. They really want to hang out but have to schedule time just to breathe let alone have fun. They’re trying to graduate early and also making some cash, which you respect them for. It makes you feel bad for waking up at 12 p.m. every day with only two nickels to rub together.


2) The Facebook Friend

They write on your wall constantly and tag you in the latest cat videos. Every. Week. They text you, “We need to hang out! Wyd on Tuesday?” You are in constant contact but when it’s actually time to make plans, they ditch you. They’re blowing up your phone and all up on your Facebook, but can never hang out. They need to get it together.


3) The MIA Friend

This is the friend you need to send a search party to find. You would see them once in a while, but then they disappear for, like, 5 months. They don’t answer the phone, are never on Facebook, and don’t text you. You don’t really know what they’re up to or how they’re doing. You constantly question if they’re even alive. They’re a really great friend and can actually make your vacation fun, but doesn’t because they’re nowhere to be found.


4) The Friend Who Got a Significant Other at College

You love this person to death and they were so much fun… until they got in a relationship.  They were the friend that was always up for anything, either chilling on the couch watching crappy movies or a party on a Wednesday, but now they’re always with their S.O. – ALL the time. They’re always planning their next date and posting pics of them on Instagram after they went to a holiday party. They used to be great, but now their boo is all they ever think about. They’re never around anymore except when their partner is busy. But then even if you two do manage to hang out, they constantly text their SO and every other word out of her mouth is about them.


5) The Annoying Friend

Last but not least, is the annoying friend. This is the friend that you really don’t want to see.  They were the person everyone avoided but you chose to be nice to, but now they won’t leave you alone. You invite them out with you here and there, but as soon as you went to college you knew you wouldn’t have to see them again. You don’t like being mean to them but you have to pass yourself off as any of the other friends listed above so you won’t feel too bad about it.


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Keyanna is a senior Journalism major, Women Gender & Sexuality Studies minor at UConn. She loves reading and writing just as much as she loves sleeping in! She has no clue what she wants to do when she graduates, but she has a while to figure it out.
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