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5 Essential Items for Transitioning into Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

The weather between spring and winter can be really iffy sometimes. To help you get through the day, here are some essential things that will get you through the days!

1.     Cardigans

It’s starting to warm up outside so there’s no need to wear a big jacket anymore but it’s still a little chilly. Cardigans will keep you warm but if the weather starts to get hotter, it’ll be light enough to carry in your purse.

2.     Cute booties and flats


Booties are stylish and comfy and perfect for the rainy days between winter and spring. They’re tall enough for the puddles so your whole leg doesn’t get drenched. Flats are awesome for the warmer sunny days. They’ll keep your feet cool and look super cute with anything; jeans, dresses, shorts, and leggings!

3.     Rain jacket


Rainy days may seem dreary but all you need is a cute rain jacket to look like the sunshine that’s covered up! Pick a bright colored jacket to bring light into the day. These jackets will make you want to go singing in the rain!

4.     Sunglasses


The sun’s starting to come out. Whip out your cute sunnies and take a walk outside! You’ve been sheltered in the dark indoors and your eyes will really appreciate the shade from the sun. Look cute while protecting your eyes.

5.     Headbands


With the breeze blowing your hairdo around, you’re going to need a nice pretty headband holding your hair back. Cute little floral patterns look beautiful with all kinds of hair and give a girly look to any outfit.

6.     Scarves

Sometimes it can get a little chillier than normal and a light scarf is the perfect solution! The soft cotton or knit will keep you warm but won’t lead you to sweat.

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