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5 Costumes to Avoid this Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and fun of the holiday and throw all judgment out the window when choosing a costume. Luckily, there are simple guidelines that, when followed, can help one avoid the total disaster that is a terrible Halloween costume, and go out looking and feeling their best. With that being said, these are five costumes to completely steer away from this upcoming Halloween:



At this point this seems like a given, but every year there are always people who try to justify racist gestures like Blackface under the guise of Halloween getups. But no excuse can eradicate the horrible implications these types of costumes imply. Just don’t go there.


“Anna Rexia”

These types of Halloween costumes try to make light of serious issues such as anorexia and other eating disorders. However, mental illnesses are never something to be laughed at. Therefore, not only are these costumes un-funny and unoriginal, but they are insensitive and damaging and should be avoided at all costs.



While the Fall 2016 Clown Craze that swept the nation certainly has died down substantially, the fact still remains that most people are terrified of clowns, especially with the latest release of It. Halloween is supposed to be scary, but not that scary. If you want to avoid terrorizing your friends, family, and random strangers on Halloween night, definitely ditch the clown suit and instead go for some lighter fare.


Weird Family Costumes

As a general rule, anyone who is not a small child should think twice about participating in family-themed costumes altogether. But if it is an absolute must, definitely do not chose a theme that leaves onlookers cringing and laughing in your direction.


Whatever This Is

Last but not least, the Whatever This Is look. Everyone has seen at least one of these in their years of trick or treating. If your Halloween costume is so bad that it genuinely leaves others asking “what even is this?”, it is definitely time to re-evaluate your costume and strongly consider other options. 


What is the worst Halloween costume you’ve ever seen? Tweet us @UconnHC!  Happy Halloween! 

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