5 Acoustic Covers that are Better than the Original Songs

If you've been waiting for an excuse to bust out your guitar, you're in luck- February 11th is National Get Out Your Guitar Day

Or, if you're anything like me and lack that musical talent, you can celebrate by listening to your favorite acoustic songs. Whether you play them on your guitar or listen to them on Spotify, these covers are the perfect excuse for a jam session with your friends. Check out our top picks for acoustic covers that are better than the originals. 

1. "Crazy" by Ray LaMontagne

When Gnarls Barkley originally released this hit in 2006, it reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, so there was obviously not much need for improvement. Ray LaMontagne is just one of the many artists who have since covered it, but his stripped-down guitar strumming and soulful voice made his version stand out. 

2. "99" Problems by Hugo


Hugo's bluegrass cover puts a creative spin on Jay-Z's original hit. While it's hard to imagine playing a rap song on a banjo and an acoustic guitar, he definitely pulls it off. 

3. "Whatever You Like" by Anya Marina

While Anya Marina's melodic voice may seem strange in contrast to T.I.'s original lyrics, it's just one of the many reasons why her cover is so good. She manages to make the song her own and it's somehow even catchier than the original. 

4. "Hey Ya!" by Obadiah Parker

As one of the most popular and successful songs of the 2000s, it didn't seem like OutKast's original chart-topping hit could get any better. But by stripping it down to just a guitar and his voice, Obadiah Parker puts much more emphasis on the lyrics and helps us realize just how pretty this song is. 

5. "XO" by John Mayer

It's no question that Beyonce's original version of this song is perfection, just like everything else she does. John Mayer took his own take on the jam, slowing it down and accompanying it with violins. His cover has much more of a classic love song feel, but let's be honest- he could sing anything and we would love it.