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With spring right around the corner, it is time to ditch the sweaters and revamp our closets! Last year was all about tie-dye, bike shorts, sweatsuits, and Birkenstocks. Fashion is constantly evolving which means there are new pieces to look out for every day. Here is a glimpse into which 2021 fashion trends you NEED for the perfect outfit!


Sneakers and 70's Shoes

Let’s start with the shoes; they are the real showstoppers and can spice up any outfit. Converse has always been on-trend, but with some of their recent collabs, they are dominating the fashion world. Brown has been a popular color this season, which means the Converse x Carhartt limited-edition chucks are to die for. They are super edgy, but going quick so be sure to get your hands on them! Fortunately, there are many other chic alternatives on their website! Another shoe that has entered the scene is white gogo boots. Groovy vibes are back baby!! These bad boys are so versatile and can be worn numerous ways so get creative :) 


Funky Bottoms

Fresh kicks, CHECK. Next up the pants. Where to even begin? Personally, I think it is so fun to be ambitious and go with a funky bottom. Skinny jeans are so last year, so bootcut/flare pants are your answer. Comfortable and stylish??? Sign me up. They are a staple in everyone's closet because you can wear them to and from the grocery store or even dress them up for a night out with the girls. On fashion runways, there has been an emergence of a statement cuff which, at first, may seem out of your comfort zone, but trust me they are so funky and dope. Turn a boring pair of boyfriend jeans into art by adding some feather trim or fun fabric! 


Bold Tops

For the shirt, there are so many directions to take. For your next GNO, a top with interesting cutouts, mesh tops or corset tops would leave you stuntin' on everyone. Animal prints, like zebra and cow, have made a comeback and the color combination of butter yellow and lavender have also been super popular. Voluminous silhouettes and sleeves are great street style looks to try out ASAP!



[bf_image id="n6kgbmjbr4q9sncsmb7kt4b"] It's no secret that blazers have become really popular. But in the spring, you don't want to dull your outfit with a bulky dark jacket. That's where pastel blazers come in. Light pinks, blues, yellows, and purples will add to that 2000s aesthetic we are all striving for. Something is empowering about wearing a blazer and I def recommend grabbing yourself one for this season. Puffer coats are also super cute because they come in a variety of colors and can add some spunk to your wardrobe.



[bf_image id="5pcp46jshszqvfhbssq4nbf"] To wrap up the outfit I have three words: accessories, accessories, accessories! I love the idea of adding fun things to your hair to make your outfit look more put together. Butterfly or pearl clips and silk scarves are all the rage. Mini shoulder bags are super cute and tie together the OOTD. A fun and classy hairstyle to try is bubble braids. And, some colors to be on the lookout for are sage green, bubblegum pink, and all shades of brown!

With the new trends of the season, it's clear that a lot of them are influenced by our most prominent decades and I am here for it. 

Mairead is a Nursing major at the University of Connecticut. In her free time, she can be found eating avocado toast, traveling the world, and going to the beach with friends!
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