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20 Reasons Not To Go To UConn

Choosing what college you wish to attend is a huge decision. I mean, wherever you decide to go will be your new home for the next FOUR+ years. Luckily, this article will help you avoid the mistake with deciding to attend UConn. 

1. The campus is hideous

2. There are no places to get food off-campus

3. Don’t even bother trying UConn’s homemade ice cream

4. The scenery is just plain boring

5. The school spirit is close to nonexistent

6. Our mascot isn’t even cute

7. Good luck finding a challenge 

8. Do you like to workout? Forget it… The whole trainers for free thing is such a joke

9. The energy in Gampel is lame

10. There are no ways to get involved and good luck trying to find any chances to give back to the community

11. UConn isn’t even within travel distance of any cities

Boston: 1.5 hours

New York City: 2.25 hours

Providence: 1.25 hours

12. The dorms are so ugly

13. There’s not even anything to do on the weekends

14. Forget trying to find any peace and quiet


15. It’s not even like our School of Business is top ranked or anything

16. …Or our sorry excuse for the Neag School of Education

17. UConn never has any inspirational guest speakers

18. Basketball Capital of the World? Ha. Definitely not here

19. Don’t even bother expressing curiousity. We are not a top research university…

20. Seriously, I don’t get the hype about UConn’s beauty