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The 13 Best Taylor Swift Songs of All Time

In honor of 1989 turning one year old on Tuesday, it was decided that there’s no time like the present to reflect on Taylor’s oldest and newest jams. So here’s 13 (Taylor’s lucky number) of her best songs – ranked in no particular order because that would just be too hard.

1. “Back to December”

This song will definitely bring you back to the days when the world’s biggest worry was wondering why Taylor Lautner and Taylor ever broke up in the first place. “Back to December” is one of Taylor’s most beautiful apologies, for sure.


2. “Blank Space”

On a lighter note, “Blank Space” is one of her newest hits – one that happens to feature the world’s most handsome man in the music video. But not half as handsome as this week’s Campus Cutie – am I right?


3. “Enchanted”

“Enchanted” is the story as told by any girl who stayed up all night after meeting a boy who left them “wonderstruck”. *Swoons*


4. “Fearless”

Let’s face it, Taylor Swift taught us to be nothing short of fearless – and not to mention that ruining your best dress is perfectly fine, as long as you do it dancing in the rain.


5. “Fifteen”

Ah, yes, everyone’s freshman year anthem. Giving us high hopes for those senior boys, cool girls, and all those things we just didn’t know at fifteen.


6. “Forever and Always”

Getting anyone through the toughest of breakups, this song speaks to the soul, when we just can’t understand why something so great had to end.


7. “Our Song”

Praise Taylor Swift circa 2009 – so full of innocence and joy. Just straight up happiness, laying in a bed of roses, before writing songs about heartbreak was the latest craze.


8. “Shake It Off”

Taylor’s wavin’ to the haters with this timeless jam, giving life to karaoke nights across the globe.


9. “Mine”

The classic tale of a small town romance – definitely one of the best tracks on Taylor’s junior album, Speak Now.


10. “You Belong with Me”

Here’s to all my fellow band geeks: Taylor’s song tells it just how it should be – us running off into the sunset with Lucas Till.


11. “Love Story”

This one is probably one of Taylor’s more elaborate videos as she takes us back in time to show us that your prince is on his way!


12. “Teardrops on My Guitar”

A toast to our middle-school selves. This is the first single Taylor ever released: a ballad about the guy who wouldn’t like you back. And those of us still wearing blue eyeliner and jelly bracelets were eternally grateful.


13. “Style”

And finally, a catchy, edgy track about timeless red lips and tight skirts. What’s not to love? Just remember, my lovely collegiettes, we’ll never go out of style.


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