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Anyone who knows me knows that I am fully obsessed with anything that has to do with make up, hair, beauty products, fashion, celebrities, designers… the list goes on. When I say “anything” related, I 100% mean it. Instagram accounts, YouTube tutorials, Pinterest boards, 700 Sephora BeautyInsider points … I even follow celebrity makeup artists and hair stylists on Snapchat just to see which Kardashian they are glamming for the day. Not kidding, I’m obsessed.

I will lose sleep watching make up and hair tutorials. I also just gave in to the $2.99/month subscription fee for Kim Kardashian’s app so I expect this will take up most of my time now.

My Instagram followers vs. following ratio has definitely taken a hit with all of the accounts I follow and I will admit, this is something I’m actually proud of. We all love checking up on our friends and favorite celebrities on Instagram, but there is so much more to see! Social media is the perfect platform to keep tabs on the best makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion moguls and beauty brands. To ensure you never miss a trend, check out some of my favorite Instagrams!


1) Amra Olevic (@Amrezy): Amrezy is one glamorous and sassy diva. She has over 2 million followers on instagram who look to her for inspiration.


2) Carli Bybel (@carlibel): Carli Bybel is a New Jersey native who is talented in both makeup and hair. She has a YouTube channel where she posts tutorials, makeup hauls, fashion advice and pictures of her super gorgeous boyfriend ;)


3) Nicole Guerriero (@nicoleguerriero): Nicole is best friends with Carli. Nicole is equally talented in hair and makeup and she also has a YouTube channel


4) Eileen (@Honeybeileen): Honeybeileen is a celebrity makeup artist who creates gorgeous work for celebrities like WWE Divas The Bella Twins, Nattie and Eva Marie.


5) Mane AddictsMane Addicts was founded by Jen Atkin, who is a celebrity hair stylist. Mane Addicts has an official website and an Instagram where you can go for all things hair.


6) Mary Phillips (@1MaryPhillips): Mary Phillips is also a celebrity makeup artist. Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and Hannah Davis turn to Mary to get red-carpet ready.


7) Anastasia Soare (@AnastasiaBeverlyHills): Anastasia is the Brow Queen of Hollywood. She is the go-to specialist for celebrities from the Kardashians to Oprah.


8) Monica Rose (@MonicaRoseStyle): Monica is a fashion stylists. Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian and more all turn to Monica for anything frmo red-carpet gowns to street style wardrobes on a daily basis.


9) Hrush Achemyan (@styledbyhrush): Hrush is the makeup mastermind behind Kylie Jenner’s look. She has been featured on Kylie’s website multiple times showcasing her makeup talents.


10) Joyce Bonelli (@joycebonelli): Joyce is a longtime best friend of the Kardashian klan and the makeup artist who gets to paint their faces daily. Joyce has gained a following of her own to the tune of 1.4 million on Instagram.


11) Mario Dedivanovic (@MakeupbyMario): Mario is my personal favorite! He is Kim Kardashian’s go-to-man and the “King of Contour.”


12) Jen Atkin (@JenAtkinHair): Jen is also a friend of the Kardashian family. She has her own haircare line called, The Ouai Haircare and she is also the CEO and Founder of Mane Addicts. She has worked with Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton and MORE. Thanks to her Mane Addicts website she can now be your hair guru too. 


13) Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal): Pat McGrath is a legend in the makeup world. She has literally applied makeup to every single celebrity you love (cough Beyoncé cough). Pat has been named the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue magazine and she is also the Creative Design Director of P&G Beauty.


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Ari is a self admitted fashion-aholic with an insatiable appetite for handbags and beauty products - not necessarily in that order.  When she is not bingeing on Netflix, daydreaming about Louboutins or scouring the Internet for "up to the minute" entertainment news, she can be found at the nearby Sephora offering advice on the latest and greatest must-haves - and NO - she does not work there.