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11 Times Jack and Rebecca Pearson Redefined Love

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead***

If you classify yourself as a human person, or if you live anywhere that isn’t under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the new show on NBC that everyone is talking about called This Is Us. It’s an incredible TV show about a family and their interconnected lives that span generations & decades with several love stories from all types of unlikely sources. The show stars Jack and Rebecca Pearson (played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore) and their family with their triplets Kevin, Kate, and Randall. Now we may not have had that many episodes so far, but the episodes we have been blessed with have taken us on an absolute roller coaster of emotions. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve cheered on Kevin, Kate, and Randall as they’ve gone through trials and tribulations.

This show has given us many gifts… but Jack and Rebecca Pearson are the biggest – more importantly, their love story. Jack and Rebecca have been through so much and they’ve come out stronger because of it. What’s so great about this show is that it tells us the wonderful tale of two regular people making an ordinary love truly extraordinary. In no particular order, here are the top moments when Jack and Rebecca Pearson redefined love and forever left us a sobbing puddle of emotions.


1. When Rebecca told Jack that she did want kids after all.


2. When Jack knew Rebecca was terrified about providing a life for their unborn kids, so he faced his dad and bought the dream house for her.

Jack, your father knows nothing about you, and is so wrong. You are a great dad. 


3. Any moment that Jack and Rebecca parent their kids because, quite honestly, they are the parenting dream team.

Honorary mentions include that time they threw three separate birthday parties for each kid to make them all feel special on their tenth birthday.


4. When Jack and Rebecca go back to their first apartment on their wedding anniversary and renew their vows.


5. When Jack promised he would quit drinking and would work to “be an eleven” for the kids and “be a twelve” for her.


6. When Jack stuck by Rebecca and defended her to his friends even when she snapped at him and forgot his birthday.

We’ve all been there, Jack. God listens even when it’s the off-season. 


7. When Rebecca realized she forgot Jack’s birthday and walked barefoot to the store while eight months pregnant with triplets to try and make him a homemade birthday cake.


8. When Rebecca did the “birthday dance” for Jack and he told her she was still the “sexiest thing he had ever seen” even when she was eight months pregnant.

This image above was included for everyone’s enjoyment…you’re welcome.


9. When Jack casually told Rebecca, “You change the way I think about love.”


10. When Jack had to tell Rebecca that they lost one of their babies and she told him, “I feel as if we were meant to have three.”

It was a beautifully tragic moment and moved us to tears. We still haven’t quite recovered.


11. When Jack and Rebecca adopt Randall and they finally complete their family and return from the hospital with The Big Three as we know and love them.


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