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11 Times Corinne Could’ve Been Mistaken for a UConn Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Corinne Olympios: You either hate to love her or love to hate her. She may or may not win over Nick’s heart and be his future bride, but we know one thing, and it’s that Corinne could definitely be mistaken for a UConn student.


Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. You find out where you’re living freshman year and, fingers crossed, it’s somewhere good. You call your friends and find out they all got assigned to Towers and then they ask where you’ll be living.

The bus line isn’t running on schedule. Nothing new, but then you realize you have to walk up Busby Hill.

It’s Saturday morning and time to discuss all the things that happened Friday night, but of course, you provide the winning piece of gossip.

You see that one person that always looks nice during your 8 a.m., or any class for that matter. It starts to get to you, and for a split second you think, “Maybe I’ll actually try and look nice tomorrow.”

You are waiting in line (or what we like to call a ‘mob’) at Huskies and look over to see a girl dancing with that random cute guy you once saw in your 200 person lecture.

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you can’t help but fall asleep the second you get back from your super boring discussion. You wake up only to find out that your friends hit up Mooyah for Twoyah without even waiting for you to wake up. It may be time to re-evaluate some friendships.

Ah senior year, you are finally off campus and can’t wait to try those cook books your grandma insisted on giving you. You quickly realize you’re not as good in the kitchen as you thought you would be and doing dishes is not fun. Oriental, where ya at?

One second you’re going to Ted’s every night and the next thing you know you have three papers due this week and two exams tomorrow. You’re starting to crack under the pressure and you’re missing your karaoke Wednesdays. We totally understand, Corinne.

On your run up Horsebarn Hill you can’t help but notice the awful smell, but then you remember you decided to go to a school that is basically a farm.

When the bar is closing and they turn on the lights right in the middle of your fave song.

It’s graduation time and time to say goodbye to all of those friends you only ever saw drunk in the bar bathroom and frat basement. It’s been a solid couple of years spilling your life story to them over 25 cent vodka crans, but some relationships just aren’t meant to last.

So whether you are #TeamCorn or a hater, we can all agree on one thing: Corinne may have been a fellow Husky at some point in her life.


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